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No, an insurance company will generally not use the availability of employer-sponsored health insurance as a criteria in determining your eligibility for a private policy.


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Q: If you apply for health insurance will you be denied if your employer also offers health insurance?
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Can an employer in NY deny coverage for a spouse is the spouse's employer offers health insurance?


Is it illegal for an employee to go outside the employer for health insurance if the employer offers it?

Only if the employee is illegal. then fire him.

If an employer offers health insurance to one employee must they offer to all?


Can an employer legally deny coverage for a spouse if the spouse's employer offers health insurance and the spouse is pregnant?

No. See link for citation.

Can a child be covered under the new health care reform if their employer offers insurance?


If your employer offers health insurance and you opt not to have it are they required to compensate you for the cost of a premium?

No. Keep in mind that insurance coverage is very expensive and the employer, as a rule bears the largest amount.

Can your employer's health insurance require your husband to take his employer's health insurance if his is not free and not as good as yours?

My employer requires that my husband participate in his company's health insurance or they will drop him from their insurance. Insurance is a choice offered as a benefit by the employer because the employer is paying a portion of the cost to be insured. You do not have to participate if you don't want to. Also, the question being answered is that can an employer force an employee's spouse to take coverage offered elsewhere: NO. If a company offers a family health plan, they CANNOT specify that a spouse take other insurance if available. They CAN require that if you are declining coverage from them (your own employer), that you show you have coverage elsewhere.

What types of services does Norton Insurance offer?

Norton Insurance offers insurance products. Among them are health insurance for employer groups and individuals. Home, auto and personal insurance are offered for individuals.

When your company offers health insurance are you required by law to have health coverage to work Do you have to opt in?

If you are required by law to carry insurance, you can either have it through the employer or provide your own. They cannot legally force you to opt in to their coverage.

What are some ways that one can find affordable health insurance in the US?

The United States offers a variety of affordable health insurance. One could start by getting an estimate at sites online, get insurance through one's employer, or apply for government aid insurance.

What type of information might you expect an employer to keep confidential?

Employer confidentiality varies from state to state. Generally information given to an employer has no particular privacy attachment unless a specific law requires it. For example even if an employer offers health care the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act prohibits the employer from disclosing medical/health information about employees.

What type of coverage does UMR Insurance offer?

United Medical Resources Insurance offers basic health care policies designed for the individual or small companies and corporations. Particular policies will vary from person to person or employer to employer.

Can an employer deny coverage to spouse who has lost health insurance?

Assuming the employer offers coverage to spouses, then the employer would not have the right to turn a spouse away. The spouse's loss of coverage is a "qualifying event" and the employer's insurer would allow the spouse to join.

Can an employer in OH legally deny coverage for a spouse if the spouse's employer offers health insurance?

Generally insurance coverage should be offered to an employees spouse. It does not matter if they are offered coverage from their employer whereas it provides an additional option in case 1 plan is more affordable than the other.

What is health insurance online for?

Online health insurance is the same as employer-offered insurance and is usually cheaper. eHealthInsurance has established relationships with 180+ health insurance carriers and offers 10,000+ health insurance products online. m/deals/ehealthinsurance/animanifest *Remove the space in .com

What are the benefits of Atena health insurance?

Aetna Health Insurance offers the benefits of medical health insurance for coverage of almost every medical condition. It also offers discount prescriptions and low copays depending on your plan.

What does AAA health insurance cover?

AAA health insurance offers a wealth of insurance cover for you and your family's medical needs. From major medical to international travel insurance AAA offers can provide suitable for everyone.

What types of insurance does Mercury Insurance Group offer?

The answer to the question what type of insurance Mercury Insurance Group offers is, Mercury Insurance group offers Vehicle, Homeowners and Health insurance.

Is ppo health insurance right for me?

There are many health insurances you can choose from to fit your preferences. PPO health insurance is an affordable insurance for you to have since it offers more programs.

Cinergy Insurance offers what kind of insurance to their customers?

Cinergy Health Inc. based out in Miami, Florida, provides health and life insurance nationwide. It also offers discount medical plans to its customers.

The GMHBA offers which kinds of services?

The GMHBA is an Australian not-for-profit health fund that offers counseling, health insurance, and related services. It is a health insurer intended for those who would have trouble paying for insurance.

How do I get health insurance in PA?

To get health insurance in Philadelphia you either need to take a job with a company that offers insurance, or get private insurance. You can go through the company Anthem.

In Florida can a domestic partner get health coverage?

Yes. They can get it from an employer, if the employer voluntarily offers domestic partner benefits.

What companies offer health insurance for small businesses?

Aetna is one insurance company which offers health insurance for small businesses. EHealth Insurance is another great source for finding cheap health insurance for small businesses.

How can group health insurance policy benefit me?

Group health insurance is beneficial because it is cheaper then individual insurance. Group health insurance also offers plans to protect you from more things for a better price.

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