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It's not too early to tell, but there have beena few rare cases where the pregnancy didn't show up until later or even not until and ultrasound. But that is very rare. If you are ten days late, you might want to go see a doctor and find out why. Sometimes they have to give you some medication to get it started again.

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Q: If you are 10 days late and all tests including a blood test were negative is it too early to tell if you are pregnant?
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Can a blood test be negative if you are pregnant?

Yes, if it is performed too early the hcg levels may not be detectable.

Can you still be pregnant if blood test was negative?

Sure you can if it is done too early as levels vary between women.

What does it mean when you have pregnancy symptoms and he pregnancy test is negative?

You may be pregnant but took the test too early or its a false negative. A blood type is most accurate.

Can you be pregnant and your stomach be growing but the test say negative?

If its early, sometimes the tests will be inaccurate. In fact sometimes blood tests can be inaccurate.

Is it possible to get a false negative blood pregnancy test?

no because if you are pregnant even at an early stage in your pregnancy the hcg hormone shows up

Blood Test negative your HPT test negative your PAP normal no period for 4 months you have all the symptoms including fluttering in your tummy can you be pregnant?

You couldvery well be pregant,you may have taken the Home pregnancy test to early or the blood test to early. re-take these tests if all negative then you may need to have an ultra sound to rule out other medical problems. First and for most go see your OB/GYN Lisa

Can you still be pregnant if your blood test comes out negative?

If the blood test is done too early in the pregnancy, the pregnancy won't be detected. If the blood test was done by a doctor, then he/she knows to do it and obtain an accurate result.

Are you pregnant if an ultrasound showed a sign of pregnancy but your blood and urine tests are negative?

Hi, It is possible to be pregnant and have a negative urine pregnancy test. It is also possible you could be pregnant with a negative blood test providing that the blood test was performed too early. This could also be why the ultrasound showed signs of pregnancy. Also if you miscarried recently without you knowing, it is possible the ultrasound picked up the sac minur the embryo. If a embryo is picked up on the ultrasound then you're pregnant hun.

Can you be pregnant and never show HGC levels in your blood?

No. You will have HCG levels in your system if you are pregnant. If you are very early on, it could show negative, you don't start producing HCG until the baby is implanted.

Could you be pregnant if a blood pregnancy test was negative but you still haven't had your period?

Hi If the blood test you had performed was called - Quantitative Beta Hcg - then you are not pregnant. If the blood test was called - Qualiative Beta Hcg - then it is possible you could be pregnant and tested too early. In this case return to your doctor in two weeks for a re-peat blood test.

Could you be pregnant if you have pregnancy symptoms including fluid that comes from your breasts but HPTs have said negative?

Hello Yes you could be pregnant. You may be testing too early or you might not have enough HCG in your urine to give a positive test. See your doctor for a blood test. This is the most accurate testing available.

You can be pregnant with a negative blood and urine test result my mom was that way with me i think i might be but how do i find out if i am sonagram?

yes you might still be pregnant it happened to me you're perhaps to early what at least two more weeks

If I have had many neg urine test and one neg blood test and a normal yearly pelvic when I would have been four months along why am I still paranoid that I am like 8 months pregnant?

You are not eight months pregnant. You are just showing early and quickly. You can have negative blood tests and still be pregnant.

Can you be pregnant if blood test said negative 5 days before period was due?

Blood or urine? Blood tests are pretty accurate, but 5 days before the period is really early and the hormones may not have been detected yet.

What does a negative result of a home test mean?

That you are testing too early or that you are not pregnant.

Can you be 4 or 5 away from your AF test negative with an early detection pregnancy test and still possibly be pregnant?

Yes definitely. You can be 2 months pregnant (providing you've missed your periods) and be pregnant. Best thing to do is see your MD for a blood test.

Is it possible to get a negative on an HPT and get a negative on a blood test and still be pregnant?

There is about a 5% chance or less of still being pregnant after getting a negataive blood test. If your doctor says you aren't pregnant, then go with that. If you strongly feel you are, then you should talk with your doctor a bit more and see if there are other tests that can be done. You could have taken the blood test too early. My best friend is trying to get pregnant and her doctor told her, for an accurate blood test wait 4 or 5 days after sex and for an accurate urine test wait at least 10 days after sex.

When a blood test is given to determine pregnancy is there something specific doctors look at to tell or can they tell from any blood test?

The look at the HCG level, if it is existant, then you are pregnant. It can test negative if it is too early to tell. How they do this, I am unsure of.

Can i still be prego with pcos in have a negative urine and blood test?

Pcos would make it very hard for you to get pregnant but NOT IMPOSSIBLE. If you had negative urine and blood tests it could be you are testing too early. Wait a week or two and tes yourself again. Again would be unlikely but not impossible.

You are 13 days late with negative hpt with nearly every preggo symps could you actually be pregnant?

Yes you could be, blood test are more accurate in detecting early pregnancy

Is it too early to take a blood test for pregnancy if your period is not due for two more weeks?

no it is not too early to take a blood test. Pregnant is pregnant As you ovulate 2 weeks before a period, AND you have to have the egg fertilised, AND it takes 6-10 days for the fertilised egg to implant there is no way a blood test is going to tell you if you are pregnant or not. Pregnant is pregnant only with hindsight.

Is it normal to bleed for the last 2 weeks and still be pregnant?

Yes! Bleeding is very normal in 30% of pregnant women that too at early stages.Do a urine pregnancy test . This would give you the answer. If its negative then, try for a blood test. Blood tests are more sensitive to detect HCG hormones

If you took a negative blood test about 5 days before your period could you still be pregnant and was that just too early to find out?

It's possible.. you could wait a few days and do a home test or have the blood test repeated. ~pawsalmighty

Got all signs of early pregnancy but still having periods with light bleeding and 3 urine tests came back negative 1 blood test came back inconclusive can I really be pregnant?

just accept the fact that you are not pregnant.

How early before your period is a blood test accurate to determine your pregnant?