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If you are 10 days late and all tests including a blood test were negative is it too early to tell if you are pregnant?


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2015-07-15 19:30:17
2015-07-15 19:30:17

It's not too early to tell, but there have beena few rare cases where the pregnancy didn't show up until later or even not until and ultrasound. But that is very rare. If you are ten days late, you might want to go see a doctor and find out why. Sometimes they have to give you some medication to get it started again.


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Yes, if it is performed too early the hcg levels may not be detectable.

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Sure you can if it is done too early as levels vary between women.

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You may be pregnant but took the test too early or its a false negative. A blood type is most accurate.

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If its early, sometimes the tests will be inaccurate. In fact sometimes blood tests can be inaccurate.

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no because if you are pregnant even at an early stage in your pregnancy the hcg hormone shows up

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