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If you are 120 pounds at 5' 9 and need to lose 20 lbs fast because you are a model how can you do it with exercise and diet - please do not go on about be too skinny?


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February 27, 2013 10:32PM

One way to stay lean is to obviously limit calorie intake. Eat small amounts of healthy, sustaining foods a few times a day, as opposed to 3 big meals. (white cheeses, lean turkey, salads, fruit, low cal crackers like Triscuts) Walking. Walking is GREAT exercise. It is a perfect way to keep your metabolism high and muscles toned. Who on earth wants you to lose 10 pounds? 120 is already pretty low for someone at 5'9". I myself weigh 120 and I am 5'6".... I weighed 110 for many years (in my 20's) then around 115 for 29 through 32 or so. I am going on 35 and have weighed 120 for the past 3 years. I am very small boned, and carry it well... I am proportionate. Some still se me as too thin.... weird.At 5'9" I think I would look like a stick at this weight.

I hope your OK doll. Please take care of yourself... make healthy decisions regarding this. Remember that starving yourself actually does the opposite. It kills your metabolism, and when you finally do eat, your body goes into store mode for fear it won't receive the nutrients it has been missing. 6 snack size meals a day, combined with walking. You can't go wrong.