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Start by counting your calories and eating the recommended amount of them. Next exercise, preferably in the morning when you first wake up to speed up your metabolism for the whole day.

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What is the average weight for a 16 yr old?

142-146 lbs

What is a average weight for a 17 yr old boy?

146-150 lbs

What is the best way to reduce a Sportsters weight by 50 pounds?

Go on a diet and lose 50 lbs.

How much weight are you supposed to lose on Weight Watchers?

10 lbs

How much weight do you have to lose if you are 199lbs when you should be 135?

199 - 135 = 64 lbs is the weight you should lose !!

Can you lose 30 pounds in a sauna in 30 days?

No, the best way to lose weight is by working out and dieting. 30 lbs in 30 days is too much and might be dangerous, you should lose between 1 to 2 lbs a week.

How much does a 511 weight?

i weight 150 i need to lose 20 lbs

How much weight can you lose a week safely?

2 lbs.

Did 50 cent lose weight?

yes 110 lbs.

How much weight did Bristol palin lose?

40 lbs

How much weight did Danni lose according to NBC?

According to the NBC website Danni had a starting weight of 258 lbs. Her current weight is listed as 137 lbs. The difference is 121 lbs and that is how much weight she lost.

How can you lose weight if you weigh 80-90lbs?

If you weigh from 80-90 lbs, why would you want to lose more weight?

If you weight 214 lbs how many calories can you consume and still lose weight?

1500 calories

What if I just want to lose 10 lbs on Weight wWatchers?

Loose your weight and then quit the program.

You weight 150 and you are 5' 8 should you lose weight?

The ideal weight for u is 140 lbs.

How much weight did Paula Deen lose?

18-20 lbs

How much weight will anorexia loose in a month?

It depends on the individual. Some may lose drastic amounts of weight (30 or 40 lbs), while most will lose between 5 and 15 lbs.

How can you lose 10 pounds in 4 weeks if you are 5'10 and weigh 145 pounds?

If you're 5'10" and 145 lbs you don't need to lose 10 lbs. Suggested weight for a 5'10" woman is 150 lbs. If you lose any more weight you might be losing muscle mass and not fat.

Can you die from losing too much weight?

of course you can, it all depends on how much weight you are talking about. As an example If you weigh 400 lbs and lose 200 lbs that would be a great thing, however, if you weigh 125 lbs and lose 75 lbs due to anorexia you will surely die.

Can you lose weight jumping on trampolene?

Yes. If you jump on the trampolene for about 1 hour you will lose 240 lbs[:

What is the best program to lose ten lbs?


What is the best weight for 5'5' girl?

The best weight is like 125 lbs.

110 lbs 5ft 4in lose weight?

I'm about the same, actually. And really I don't think I need to lose weight... So, in my opinion, no. =]

If a woman is 5'5 and weighs 90lbs how much weight does she need to lose for birth control?

A woman of 5'5" and 90 lbs should not lose weight. There is certainly no need for her to lose weight to go on birth control.

How much weight did Tom Hanks have to lose for his part in Philadelphia?

55 lbs