If you are 14 and pregnant and starting to show how do you tell your parents when you are really scared?

well im in the same situation. im 14 and im scared as hell how to tell my mom. i don't kno wat kind of reaction she finna have. but my sista was 15 when she got pregnant and my mom found out. she didnt have anything close to the reaction that i thought she was gona have. she was just really disapointed. so i think when i tell my mom that im pregnant she ain't gona flip. but a suggestion that i would think is good is you either writing her a note or leaving a note on the fridge and putin your cell numba and saying to call when there coold off and then you go to a friends house or something just to think about what your gona do.

I had the same problem only i am 16 years old i told my mom when i was 2 months pregnant. She was real strict and i knew she wasnt gonna support me but she needed to know. If you don't feel comfortable talking to her in person you can write her a letter which i did so i can say everything i wanted to or you can have a doctor call her and let her know maybe tell a close relative and they could come with you to tell her so they can be there for support. I know that it's hard but eventually everything will be okay!

If you're far enough along to be showing, then I hope you've gotten some medical care. You need to tell your Mom *now*. Don't put it off any longer. In regard to the previous poster's ideas, the one about having someone there for support is excellent (a relative or a close family friend), but, as a parent, I can tell you that I wouldn't be thrilled if I got this kind of news in a letter. If my child made the adult mistake of getting pregnant, then they need do the adult thing and actually tell me in person. That's merely my personal opinion.

writing letters are a good idea, that way you can get everything out without someone disagreeing with you before finish. also let your parents know your intions about this baby. i am also a parent, and i had my baby at fifteen.

i also don't agree with letter-writing. your parents will think better of you if you tell them in person, it will make you seem more mature. they wont like it, I'm not saying that, and as for them disagreeing with you before you finish as the previous poster suggested- my suggestion is to be blunt. for example:

"Mum, I've got something really important to tell you. you wont like it. (pause) I'm pregnant."

if your mother is one to rant and rave, be as meek as 'mother may I..' (pardon the pun) and questions as they come. don't get overheated as this will lead to a massive fight and you two avoiding each other for the next couple of days.

if your mother just sits there with her mouth open in awe at shocking news, then slowly explain the situation. give only facts: his name, how far along you are, when you found out.

again having someone there for emotional support is a must, they can help ease the situation by comforting you and your mother