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if they have the same system as there was for the Luna auditions, you would. when the Luna auditions happened i was turnin 13 in less than a month but they said that even if my bday was the next day they'd have to turn me away - like anyone... i spose...


there'l be other chances - i promise!

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Your little girl has just turned 3 and has had a water infection twice within the last 2 months?

Go see a freakin doctor!

What has the author Earl Dale Lavender written?

Earl Dale Lavender has written: 'The development of Pelagius' thought within a late fourth century ascetic movement in rome' -- subject(s): Church history

Can you have tetanus vaccinations within 6 months of each other?

Yes, you can have tetanus vaccinations within six months of each other.

After a casting call audition what is the average call back time if they are interested?

If the casting call audition is for a modeling agency they will usually get back to you within 3-5 business days (not including weekends). If it is for a client they will get back to you sooner, especially if the audition was scheduled a few days before the actual gig. Some clients let models know if they got the job within 24 hours.

Can burn scars be completely gone off?

yes try appling Lavender oil each day, but make sure there is no infection within the skin as Lavender oil will only heal the top layer of the skin and not kill the infection.

If you receive twelve points within twelve months for how long will you lose your license?

If you receive twelve points within twelve months, for how long will your license be suspended?

What does within three months mean?

I think it means that it has to be done before 3 months have passed

When to have menstruation after dilation and curettage?

Within 2 months.

When do you get your baby bump?

Within 5-6 months :)

When will a chihuahua carry a puppy?

within a couple of months.......

When do your hormones settle?

Within 2 months from the procedure.

If you accumulate points in 12 months your license will be suspended for 30 days?

•12 points earned within 12 months results in a 30-day suspension •18 points earned within 18 months results in a 3-month suspension •24 ponts earned within 36 months results in a 12-month suspension

How months of pregnancy does vomiting occurs?

It can vary, but is usually only within the first 3-4 months.

Columbus felt that a sailing ship could reach Asia within how many months?

two months

What did Hitler do within a few months after he came to power?


IASO personnel must complete?

Within 6 Months

Is it possible to abort a baby within 3 months?


How a person can easily conceive within a month?

It's simple really, after 8 months you can concieve within a month.

How quickly can you die from malgnant melanoma?

In rapidly advancing cases, less than six months. Half of cases are terminal within 12 months. Most die within 5 years.

What happens when you had a miscarriage can you come on your periods for a couple of months?

After a miscarriage the period usually comes back within 2 months.

What does within 6 months mean?

It means at any time between now and six months (or half a year) from now.

Is it too late to contest a will after 3 years?

Generally, yes. Will contests must be made within a statutory period usually only lasting a few months.Generally, yes. Will contests must be made within a statutory period usually only lasting a few months.Generally, yes. Will contests must be made within a statutory period usually only lasting a few months.Generally, yes. Will contests must be made within a statutory period usually only lasting a few months.

What percentage of people die within 3 months of their birthday?


For how long within the year do cows produce milk?

10 months.

How long do you have to wait to get your green card?

Usually from 6 months to a year. You can get a temporary work visa within a couple of months though.