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If you are 15 and there is a girl that you have loved and who has loved you back over the internet how can you know if she loves you in real life?


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There is no way either of you can tell who is telling the truth. It's tough enough to know another person when you meet them in person. I know you love this girl, perhaps ask your parents if you can phone her. Hearing each other's voices may help. I would like to warn you to be very careful having friendships or getting involved with someone on the internet because it can be dangerous (especially for young girls) but young boys are being picked on as well and these young girls sometimes are men who aren't so nice. The police in British Columbia had a program of how some of these people work. They talk over email or even on some boards as if they are 15 years old and this is how they pick their victims. Although the internet is a miracle in itself and certainly has it's good points it's also a dangerous tool and it's every police departments worse nightmare. I'm not trying to scare you, but the truth of the matter is, bad people can get on the internet sculking around for young girls/boys and even adult women, and then they talk that victim into meeting them somewhere and some of these people are never heard from again. If you don't believe me go down to any police station near you and ask about the internet and crime. Even the most seasoned person on the internet can get caught up in something with a total stranger. That is why I stress you let ask your parents if you can phone this young girl. NEVER give out your last name, take a yahoo or hotmail address and never give out your real email address. Tell the person little about anything personal such as: Where you live, what school you go to or what city/town you live in. If you have any problem with someone on email you tell your parents! Don't hide anything from them. I know you really love this girl and your heart hurts so see if your parents will agree to letting you phone her. You are going to be in love many times in your life just like the rest of us, so don't be in too much of a hurry. The best experience you will ever have is meeting a girl right in your own town and not over some machine called a "computer." that is the awsomest answer ever you rock! Good luck Marcy


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