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depends on ho0w tall you are

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How do the Jonas Brothers fit into their jeans?

They buy jeans that are their size. They fit into their jeans the same way you fit into your jeans. They wears skinny jeans mostly so that's why their jeans look really small.

What does 28 reg mean in jeans size?

It means size 28 regular fit jeans.

Size 34 mens jeans is what size in womens jeans?

14 for a good fit but for a more snug fit try 12 best try to to on a pair first women jeans come in may different styles.

What size should you wear in girls jeans if your a size 30 in mens?

i fit my boyfriends jeans and he's a size 30 32 and I'm a size 7 in girls

Size 29 jeans in womens is equal to what UK size?

It must be a UK size 8 because i was recently on holiday and got a size 29 pair of jeans they fit me perfectly, at home all my jeans are a size 8 so it must be that.

Why should you buy jeans made to order?

Since jeans are not one size fit all, even for a specific waist size, you do not know that the jeans are too tall or too short. Buying jeans made to order would prevent have dangling jeans despite having a perfect waist fit.

If im i size 16 in regular jeans what size im in skinny jeans?

You would be the same size in skinny jeans. The legs are just made to fit very snugly to the legs rather than flare out.

Where do they sell jeans size 00 for cheap?

Wet Seal and Papaya have size 00 jeans for 20 dollars. They fit well and look good.

How do you know the difference between skinny jeans and jeans that are just tight?

skinny jeans get smaller and smaller at the bottom so they fit around the ancles but normal jeans dont

If a man wears size 50-52 in jeans in Russian what will it American size?

If a man wears a 50 to 52 in Russian jeans his American size will range from 34 to 37. It will depend on the brand and also the fit of the jeans.

Even though I barely fit into skinny jeans should I wear them-and if they are to tight should I go up a size?

Well, if you are overweight, it may not be the best idea to wear them. But it is up to you. If you want them to be really skinny, get the smallest size you can fit into. If you don't care, get the size that feels comfortable. If you want them to be skinny, but not too skinny, get the next size up. Hope this helps. :)

What size jeans should you wear if you are 5'4'' and 120lbs?

Depends on the jeans and the person's personal preferance, but I fit that description and my size is a 2 long. Good luck!

What jeans can you get that are big enough at the waist and long enough?

Any brand of jeans will do as long as they fit you regardless of size. Remember that fit versus size varies greatly between different brands and, in some cases, from one pair to the next.

Why are you fit but overweight?

You can be very fit and still be overweight. the overweight could come from muscle that may look like fat.

Can you make sims severly overweight on sims 2?

Well the term "severally" is your opinion I guess. But they are usually normal, fit, or overweight. Only three different stages.

Can a 11 year old fit in Hollister jeans?

yup, you'll just have 2 get a smaller size

You were in a size 9 10 in jeans but now you can easily fit a size 13 could that mean that you are pregnant?

NO, maybe you just gained weight.

What size would I wear in true religion jeans if I am a US size 4?

I wear a 3, my true religion's are a 27, they fit perfect

Can you give me a sentence with fit?

You can not fit into your jeans because you are not fit.

The tighter a skinny jeans is the better it looks?

Depends on the size of your butt!! Skinny jeans do not suit large people, but if you are size medium or smaller, the tighter the jeans the better. However, you should not wear jeans that you can't fit two fingers under the belt while they are on, otherwise they might cause internal injuries in the long term.

What is the biggest size of miss me jeans?

31 on the Miss Me website. But, you can go to and find 31,32,33,34 depending whats in stock online. At the Buckle stores, you can find 34s and Miss Me just came out with relaxed mid rise fit jeans, which come in a 36s. Their original jeans are low or super low cut and are tighter through the hip and thighs. The relaxed fit they say you need to get a size smaller than your original size. :)

What is the difference in slim fit and regular fit men's pants?

slim fit is for fat guys who cant fit in skinny jeans but i don't recommend skinny jeans.

Im wanting to buy some jeans but they're mens lol What waist size in mens jeans would a size 16 woman be?

first of all the previous answer is ingnorat. . . if you are like me you like the way guy jeans fit, they are just made better. . . but i would try either a 38 and see how they fit, i think that is what size i wear in guy jeans and i am about a 16!!!! sorry for other peoples stupidity, they hate what they fear. . . gay person why do you whant mens clothes? Are you a tomboy or something seriously!

How do you fit in jeans?

try it on

Can fat people fit into hollister jeans?

A: yes they can my cousin is fat and she wears Hollister no offense to anybody but it depends because Hollister jeans go up to size 11 and shirts up to size L well at betty's sizes