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Your six pack can be covered by skin and/or fat. Many times, what sits on our stomach has a lot to do with our genes and our habits. Generally, we pick up fat-laying qualities from our parents and/or our relatives. When we work out, we can tone the muscles and use stored fat from anywhere in our bodies but this may or may not affect the fat on our stomach. Working our stomach muscles won't tone loose skin either -- this is heavily influenced by our genes. Hope this helps.

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How do you regain a toned stomach after losing weight?

If there is not to much fat in the abdominal zone even after the weight loss a toned stomach is the result of ab exercises.

Is toned milk good for young child?


Does Marina Diamandis work out?

Yes she does, you can't have a toned stomach like her without working out, also her arms are toned so I'm sure she does work out.

Can two light brown people produce a medium brown toned child?

Yes, my mom's skin tone is a tanish brown, and my father's in tan as well and i came out a "medium brown toned child"

Are crunches an effective way to achieve a flatter stomach?

Yes, crunches are an effective way to a flatter stomach. They work out the muscles in your abdominal area and help you look more fit and toned, thus creating a flatter stomach.

You like your stomach it is very skinny and toned but your thighs are kinda big and you want skinny thighs how do you get them?

One word; squats.

What is a large circular discoloration on your stomach if there is no difference with the rest of your stomach except the red-toned circle and you have bloating and a fever?

Although it could be anything, you are describing perfectly the symptoms of the bite of a deer tick. In any event, you should be checked out by a doctor and tested for Lyme disease over the next few months.

Say if you have a stomach a small one well it's not exactly flat if you do sit up will you lose that fat?

Doing situps will tone the muscles on your stomach. However, it is possible to have toned muscles under a layer of fat. If you want to lose belly fat, you have to spend more calories than you consume. In other words, eat less, exercise more.

What weight do you have to be when your 11 to be able to do belly dancing?

There is no specific weight. Ideally you should have toned muscles around your stomach but apart from that anyone can do it.

How long does it take until you get a toned stomach doing sit ups?

49 days. straight. ha-ha!!! keep looking

Is it against the law to show your toned tummy in public?

No, not in the United States. It is however illegal to have your stomach exposed in certain other countries.

How do you tone your stomach up in a week?

If you are overweight, you don't simply do that. There is no magical trick that I can give you to help you with this and it is incredibly hard to even get a toned stomach with a long diet. The best you can do is to start a wise, slow diet.

What is best stomach exercise equipment available to consumers? The flex belt is good for abs crunching . Get a flatten stomach in days. It tones and tightens the abs giving you a more toned and flatten area.

How can a 14 year old girl get a toned stomach if its already flat?

Wait until you're developed and then try yoga or workouts for your abs.

What is a three toned chord called?

A three toned chord is a triad. A two toned chord is a diad, etc.

What happens if you suck in your stomach for too long?

I used to dance ballet and the teacher always wants us to suck in our stomachs. You'll only develop toned abnominal muscles. No harm in sucking in your stomach always everyday.

What are the release dates for Toned Up - 2013 Toned to Perfection 1-8?

Toned Up - 2013 Toned to Perfection 1-8 was released on: USA: February 2014

What muscles does the pull up bar target?

The main target from this pull up exercise are the biceps but also it can help with your stomach/abs as well. if you tighten your stomach while pulling up you can get toned abs faster than normal.

How do you get a toned stomach in a week?

Toning muscle takes consistency and time. It takes several weeks to several months. There is no easy way out, it takes commitment and time.

Which legs are sexier slim legs or slim toned legs?

Definitely toned legs.

What is jewelry that is toned?

The jewelry that have gold tone or silver tone means that these jewelry have been plated a thin layer of gold or silver so that these jewelry have the color of silver or gold.

Did Quasimodo from The Hunchback of Notre-Dame have a last name?

No, in either the Hugo novel or the toned-down Disney cartoon. He was essentially an abandoned child.

If you went to the gym for 4 hours everyday for 2 weeks solid how much weight could you lose or how toned stomach could you get?

Depends on what you do, how tall you are, what you eat, how fat or thin you are ....etc

What is the difference between ripped muscles and toned muscles?

toned muscles are smooth ripped have prominent veins

What is toned up?

Being toned up means that you have lean muscle mass and don't have a lot of flab.

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