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If you are 16 and pregnant can your parents force you to put your baby up for adoption?

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Minors have the same legal rights to their child as does an adult

mother unless a court rules otherwise.

Parents of a pregnant minor cannot force the minor to have an

abortion, place the child for adoption or sign over her parental


If the parents choose not to support their daughter during her

pregnancy or afterwards, the minor female can petition the court

for emancipation rights.

The court will grant limited emancipation privileges to the

minor female to allow her to be eligible for public assistance

(such as Medicaid) during her pregnancy and afterwards for herself

and her child.

In most situations the minor female is placed in a group or

foster home where she will be able to finish her education, learn

parenting skills, receive guidance counseling and so forth.

For legal assistance and counseling the minor might wish to

contact the department of family and children's services in the

state where she resides or,

Birthright 1-800-550-4900 - See Link

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