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If your parents want to attempt to prosecute him for statutory rape, they can. What he is doing in technically illegal in most states. He really should wait to date you until you are 18. Both of you should be honest with your parents about what is going on. If he is a good person, and really does care about you, he won't object to meeting your family and allowing them to get to know him. Again, if he cares about you, he won't push you for sex or demand that you prove you love him by having sex with him. Just take care of yourself--if you do decide to have sex with him, make him use a condom, and go to Planned Parenthood and get a Birth Control prescription for yourself.

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Q: If you are 16 and you like a guy that is 22 can he get in trouble for dating you if there is only kissing and no sex involved?
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K look. In the event that your said girls parents do not like the fact your dating, do not know your dating, or do not want her to date you, )you being the guy, as presumed) You're screwed. Actually in most cases, it's very dangerous to be involved in a relationship with a young girl. anyone over 18 dating anyone under 18 can be considered statutory rape.

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