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If you are 16 can you legally move out and live with your boyfriend who will be 20 and can your parents come and find you and bring you home if you are not emancipated?


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A 16-year-old is a minor. If you leave home without parental consent or being emancipated, your parents can report you as a runaway and you will be picked up by the police and returned home. In addition, your boyfriend could be facing charges. The exact charges would depend on the laws of your state, but some possible charges would be: contributing to the delinquency of a minor, harboring a runaway, enticing a child, interference with child custody, and possibly other, much more serious charges as well. Don't do that to him!


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You can get emancipated legally. You can just move out if you want, and if your parents force you by law to stay with them you can challenge the law and bring it to court. But if you are ready to move out you should be able to explain it logically to your parents and they should understand. If not, you can explain it logically to the court.

If you are not an emancipated minor, they can legally bring you home until you are 18 (or of mature age if not US). In Canada if you are 16 you can choose to live with a different adult so long as that adult is willing to be your legal guardian and your parents will not be able to stop you. My brother moved in with me when he turned 16. I think there are a couple states that are 17, but otherwise you will have to be emancipated.

Telling your parents that you have a boyfriend can be quite embarrassing, especially if they are likely to go "aw" or ask questions about him. If you are likely to go very shy, then maybe you could bring your boyfriend to your house, and introduce him, rather than telling them alone.

Yes, if a 17 year old gets permission to move out he or she can definitely bring her belongings. As long as the child is legally emancipated, no one can stop the child from bringing her or his personal property.

She can petition her mother, but the mother cant include her boyfriend on the petition, even if that boyfriend is the citizen's father,

You should bring proof that the child has been emancipated to the court that issued the child support order and file a motion to terminate the order.You should bring proof that the child has been emancipated to the court that issued the child support order and file a motion to terminate the order.You should bring proof that the child has been emancipated to the court that issued the child support order and file a motion to terminate the order.You should bring proof that the child has been emancipated to the court that issued the child support order and file a motion to terminate the order.

You need to have permission from your parents and be able to show the court that you can support yourself financially without the help of any friends, relatives or social agency.

Chances are if your parents really want you home the police will attempt to find you and most likely bring you home. If you are really looking for leaving your house, either try sticking it out; or getting emancipated. But remember there are a lot of things that revolve around becoming emancipated.

If you are now emancipated by your parents first then it is up to them. if you are, then yes you can. if your parents however still are in control, then police can be sent to bring you back home.

A child under the age of 18 cannot move out their parents house without either permission or emancipation. If the child moves, law enforcement officers would bring the child back home.

A 17-year-old child cannot move out legally in Montana unless he's been officially emancipated. The parent may be able to get law enforcement to bring the child home if he leaves.

Not legally in international flights.

No LEGALLY they can not keep you apart. However they can play the parent card and ground you or just tell you not to see him. The sad fact is your a minor and you have to follow their rules. Also I know you may not want to hear this, but most of the time parents no when a guy is the guy fortheir daughter, dads will always be over protective, but when its the right guy your parents wont stand in the way. Not saying your parents are right or wrong but think about the issues they have with him and evaluate whether there valid. At the end of the day a real relationship will uplift you and motivate you not hinder you or bring you down Hope this was helpful.

Not unless you have parental consent or you have been emancipated if you don't have either of these your parents can call the cops and have them bring you back home since that would be considered running away from home and your parents still say what you can and can't do until you are 18 the age that you are considered a legal adult hope this helps and everything works out for you Good Luck and God Bless!!!

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Not legally. honestly though it depends on your situations. cops will tell you as they have me that legally there is nothing they can do after you turn , if you run away and your parents want you home then some cops wont even listen and if they do they will only bring you home once. if you do it again then they will not bring you home because they have no obligation to

Your parents did not have to bring you into the world, nor are they the sole people responsible for your enjoyment of life.

The police will bring you home. You should make sure he really wants you to move with him. You can lose contact and or trust with your parents. What if your boyfriend isn't into you anymore and wants to start seeing girls his age? You will have to go back to your parents who might not accept you. Before you do anything, think hard.

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