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If you are 16yrs old and your mom kicked you out the house Is this legal and What should you do?


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That depends, are u male or female? Setting legal aside, in essence you're an adult. How long do you expect her to support you at this point?


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no it is not legal anywhere. i thought that was common knowledge

You have to be at least 16yrs old.

No. There is supposed to be someone of 16yrs or older watching them.

They have legal rights to be able to retrieve their possessions. You can contact an attorney through Legal Aid to help you with this if you need the law on your side.

Yep at 18 you are adult and they are no longer responsible for you..

No. And your mother has no legal right to ask you to leave until you are 18. If she kicked you out she is breaking the law.

The legal age of marriage in Ohio is 18yrs for men and 16yrs for women. Also, women under 18yrs of age but above 16yrs are required to obtain the consent of both her parents to the marriage in order to enter into a valid marriage with a man.

You do have some legal rights when renting a house. The house should be clean and liveable, the landlord should tell you when he is coming over to fix the house, the landlord cannot have the locks changed.

Ideally, there should be no hidden cost on buying a house. Everything should be legal and in writing.

A pregnant teen (or any teen) can be kicked out of a house. However, if they are not put in alternate housing (foster care, etc), if anything happens to that child the legal guardian is still legally responsible.

it's not legal for any parent to kick a minor, regardless of if your pregnant or not, to kick you out. call social services that's my best advice Try talking to your mother again. Sometimes this happens from a reaction to finding out the daughter is pregnant then they realise they should not have been so hasty.

No you can't. You will have to be of legal age for that to happen. GED is a proof of high school equivalency. doesn't mean you give up your right or anything.

Georgia is a very unique situation. A child cannot be kicked out until the age of majority (18), but that child cannot be charged as a runaway or forced to return at age 17.

"In love", no. but any sexual physical contact is pedophilia and statutory rape until you're 18

The law states that if you leave home at 16yrs you can be advise to move back home but can not be made therefore to legal age you can move out is 16yrs - applicable to both girls and boys. In every state, a person (both male and female) under the age of 18 is a minor and therefore their parents have the right to decide where they can/cannot live...unless you have been legally emancipated by the court.

Technically they can. My friend is 18 and in High School and was recently kicked out of his parents house. If you were emancipated, then it is legal. Since this person is 19, they are an adult, making this allowed.

The age of majority is 19 in NS but you can leave or be kicked out and be on your own from the age of 16. Under 16 they will have to bring you back home.

NO you will get kicked out or shot by the police

In most places the age of consent is 16 so as long as the conception happened after her 16 th birthday you should be ok. that doesn't mean that you don't have legal responsibility's to her and your child however.

The sole owner of the house can force someone out but they may need to do that according to state law regarding notice. If you are both on the deed, he cannot force you out without a court order. If you are both tenants on a lease you have rights. You should consult with an attorney who can review the details and explain your rights and options.

legal word for house with outbuildings and land is messuage

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