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Your best bet would be to talk to a lawyer. You will have a hard time going around your social worker, but you may be able to get another case worker assigned.

2015-07-16 18:27:32
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Q: If you are 17 and in state custody and you want to get emancipated but your social worker will not let you can you go around her and if so how?
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Who would you contact for more information about getting emancipated in Illinois?

A social worker, and in some cases such as abuse, you could contact the cops and request that you take your parent/gaurdian to court to get emancipated.

Can a girl who's 16 get emancipated if she has a lawyer and her social worker says it's okay?

It is possible. You'll need a judge to consent too, not just the lawyer and your social worker. Parental consent would also help.

Can a mother lose custody if she actively abandons her child?

Yes, if the case is reported by a social worker or if its brought to court by a close relative

Can you get custody of your sixteen year old sister if your mother left us both and you are only nineteen and she is a ward of the state?

There are those who get custody of their younger siblings. Speak to a lawyer and the social worker who have her case..

What are other names for social worker?

social worker

Would the government help with any of the expenses of getting emancipated?

If there are special circumstances and you are working with a social worker, if there has been physical abuse, for example, they may help you with the procedure.

Can an eighteen year old be emancipated in Illinois?

You already are since you turned 18 but if the court has ordered you to stay for some reason you have to talk to your social worker and foster parents about that.

If you have a major in Psychology and a minor in Social Worker can you hold the title Social Worker if you chose to work in the field?

No, the only way you may call yourself a social worker is if you are licensed by your state either as a Licsensed Social Worker, Clinical Social Worker, or Licensed Clinical Social Worker. If you choose to work in the social service field, your agency will probably provide you with the title of caseworker, counselor, social service worker. The term "Social Worker" is a legal definition, no different than "Attorney" or "Medical Doctor."

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No, a physician is not a social worker, but a medical doctor.

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How can I legally get custody of my grandson whose mother is an addict?

prove her unfit Apply for Guardianship see a Social Worker or Solicitor for Advice Try Legal Aid or ring Family Court for directions

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the question was do you need a degree to be a social worker

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LCSW: Licensed Clinical Social Worker

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Since the work of social workers centers around the well being of others there are certain traits which are important to possess. Some of the traits which make a good social worker are compassion, perception, persistence, and patience.