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Yes, you are still a runaway, because to be emancipated, a judge must rule that you are emancipated. Otherwise you are not. Your parents must usually be part of the procedure.

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Q: If you are 17 and live in new york but runaway to WA can you still be considered a runaway if there legal age is 17?
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If you are 17 and live in new york but runaway to S.C can you still be considered a runaway if there legal age is 17?


Is your 16yr old daughter still considered a runaway if she is with her noncustodial parent?

Yes, a minor does not have the right to choose where to live and the person letting her live with him is harboring a runaway.

If you are seventeen and live in California but run away to Ohio are you considered a runaway or are you legal?

Technically, you are a run-away, yes.

If you are a runaway from Nebraska at 17 and the legal age there is 19 and you live in a different state where the legal age is 18 and you turn 18 can you still get in trouble if caught here?

no not at all

How do you get legal permission to live with your boyfriend he is 20 and I'm 16?

You get your parent's permission. Without it you can be considered a runaway. And it is possible that he could be charged with various crimes.

Can you have your 17year old locked up?

Depends on what state you live in. If they are still considered a minor will determine what legal rights you still have as a parent.

Will all charges be dropped on a sixteen year old runaway when she turns seventeen?

If you live in the US... No, because at 17 they are still a minor and therefore still a runaway.

Can the woman who has physical but not legal custody of you report you as a runaway at the age of 17 in Pennsylvania if you live with her?


What is the legal age a child can leave home and not be considered a runaway in Indiana?

The legal age for a child to leave home is 18 years old. At 18 a person is considered an adult. They can enlist, sign contracts, get married, buy a car, rent an apartment and all other things need to live.

Is it legal for a 17 year old to leave his house without being considered a runaway?

Yes, as long as they have parental permission. Until you turn 18, or are emancipated, you remain the responsibility of your parents. They determine where you can live.

Can an adult encounter legal problems if they allow a 16 year-old runaway to live in their home?

Yes. This can be considered kidnapping or custody interference. If a runaway child knocks on your door allow him to come in and feed him/her, but call the police immediately. Do not take the child back home-- it may be abusive.

Is it legal for hobos to live in airports?

No it is not, it is considered loitering

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