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If you are 17 and live with your aunt in Wisconsin can you leave to go live with your mother?

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April 21, 2005 5:47AM

If your aunt has custody over you then you have to go through the court system to be with your mother. It also deals with whether your mother can have you live with her. If she has a drug problem, alcohol problem, or simply doesn't have the money to raise you the courts will rule against this. If you don't care to be in the custody of your aunt, then you can ask the court to send you to a relative of your choice providing that relative would want to care for you. If you just want to be with you mother and your aunt doesn't have custody and the court system isn't involved by all means you can go live with your mother, but be sure your mother can handle you living with her and has the finances to look after you. There is something going on here because most mothers, if they can, would keep their children close to them. There is a reason you are with your aunt. If you have visitation rights with your mother at the present time then there is a reason for that. It's time to sit down with your aunt and ask why you can't live with your mother, but I have a feeling she has already told you. Good luck Marcy