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Unless you are emancipated most likely not. I left home at age 14 if I had to do something, like enroll in new school, i just found an adult friend who would be willing to do it for me. They are not going to ask them for ID. They are just going to ask for your personal information. Your names don't have to match due to marraige or a step parent enrolling you. they probably could do it over the phone by calling your old school and having them transfer your information over to the other school.

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Can you enroll yourself into school at the age of seventeen if not living at home?

If you have a high school diploma or GED, then I think you can. But you may need to show that you have permission from your parents because you are still a minor. Check with your local community college and see what they require.

Do you have to be a beginner to enroll in home cooking school?

No, to enroll in any home cooking school you just need to have the money, and the will to learn, they will teach you everything that you could ever need to know.

If you runaway to a relatives house and refuse to go home can they enroll you in school?

Here it will have to be first found out why the child ran away from home, then if he has parents who are both either drug addicts , have drinking problems or abusive to him, then it is better that they who he ran to enroll him in school.

How do you enroll in home school?

I wipped my dick out and said "these balls arn't gonna kiss themselves."

Which are the methods for someone to enrol to Stratford's distance learning and finish high school at home?

To enroll to Stratford's distance learning and finish high school at home one would visit their website to enroll online. One can also call their phone number to apply.

how can I enroll in one of the home inspection training schools?

Become a Home Inspector with PHII, offering hands-on distance training and home ... with instant online access and can be completed in as little as 1-2 weeks, or you ... Before you enroll in any home inspection school, will they guarantee your ...

Can an 18 year old high school student living at home move in with one of her school teachers?

No , That's Just Wierd Lol , Get Yourself Someone else (Except another school teacher) School Teachers SUCK!

When you enroll in home schooling can you study in any country?

If you are using a corresponding program, yes, if you are homeschooling your kids by yourself with out an accredited program, yes.

Is it against the law for parents to not enroll their children in school?

Unless you are enrolling them in your own school and are getting a Home-Educator license, then no. If not, then it is illegal for to not be getting any education at all.

How can you obtain a high school diploma onlineif you live in Canada?

You can earn your high school diploma online by visiting the ICS website. From there you can enroll and you will be on your way to earning your high school diploma from home.

How old do you have to be to home school yourself?

Where i live its at least 16.

Can you put yourself in school in New York state without your parents' permission at the age of 17 if you are not living at home?

The best to do is call the school and ask, but assuming that you are an unemancipated minor, I'd *guess* that the answer would be 'no'.

How can enroll on cons call home?

You can enroll on their webstite : or by calling 888-524-6151

How can you enroll seven seas high?

Actually, you can't... Seven Seas High is a school that's inside of the Suite Life of Zack and Cody. In which they attend, so you see.... you really can't enroll there. Look on the bright side. There are school's on boats, I'm determined to get away from my home-school.

Why do you sell your home and enter assisted living?

Because you would not be able to take care of yourself and your home. You need "assistance".

Do french have lunch at school?

they have; it is also permitted to leave school to have lunch at home if you are living next to the school. I go to a all French school & we have to eat a school but we are allowed to go home to eat but only if our parents come to get us

How do you convince your parents to let you stay home alone after school?

To convince your parents to let you stay home you have to pretend to have a stomach ache and make yourself through up at school

What is home schooling?

The basic way to describe Home Schooling is an alternative education to the Public School or providing (giving) an education for yourself or your children in your home. You will do this by ordering curriculum from a reliable source and use this to educate yourself or your children.

How do you enroll home study program at UP?

by hard and sincer study

Where can I get a high school diploma for free online ?

High School Diploma Online | Free Program Online | High School ... Earn a real high school diploma online fast and at home. Enroll in our free high school diploma test program and receive your diploma in a matter of days.

How do I home-school my children?

If you are asking yourself on how to home school your children then you have to read this article, visit here/questions.asp. After reading, you'll have everything you need.

Are parents legaliy responsible for 18 year old living at home and a senior in high school?


Home and family living?

home and family living

What is asu tuition?

ASU's tuition including room and everything else adds up to $9,720. Not bad. This price is for in-state, which means you are either living on campus, living at home, or commuting not living at home. Out-of-state is $22,319, which means you are either living on campus, living at home, or commuting not living at home. - room/board for living on campus is $11,436 - room/board for living at home is $1,530 - room/board for commuting not living at home is $8,616 - books/supplies for living on campus, living at home, or commuting not living at home is $1,290 - estimated personal expenses for living on campus, living at home, or commuting not living at home is going to be $2,052. - transportation expenses for living on campus is $1,050 - transportation expenses for ling at home is $2,214 - transportation expenses for commuting not living at home is $2,250 - cost per credit (in-state) is $658 - cost per credit (out-of-state) is $909. And there are your costs for a year whether you are in-state living on campus, or living at home, or commuting not living at home, or you are out-of-state living on campus, living at home, or commuting not living at home, you will still have a good time at ASU.

Are public school special education programs available for home-schooled children?

Parents decide to enroll their children in home school programs for a variety of reasons. Some feel their child needs the small structured environment of home, some do not want their child exposed to the standardized requirements of a public school, some are needing to avoid social situations or it could be that the child is involved in an activity that requires them to have an extremely flexible schedule.