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It has been done in some states, but I don't recall hearing that Texas is one of them that will send a parent to jail for the truancy of their child.

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If you are 17 years of age can your mother be held accountable for your truancy?

Your Mother cannot be held accountable for your truancy!! My Step Daughter who is 16 soon to be 17 can quit school if she wants. I live in Michigan and that is what they do here. So you are accountable for your truancy!! When i was 17 my parents were held accountable even when i wasnt living with them and this is in texas. they wont fine you but they can put you on probation or send you to juvy if you dont go by the rules. they give your parents the $500 fine. so watch it im 18 now and theyre still trying to file it on me.

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Do you have to continue to pay child support in KY if child is truent and mother signs him out of school?

Truancy and child support are two separate issues. You must continue to pay child support, however you can file for custody modification either by seeking custody or increasing custody, thus reducing your child support obligation, if you can prove the mother is not acting in the best interests of the child by enabling his or he truancy.

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You live in a different county then your sons mother and he lives with her what court do you apply for custody her county or mine?

Her county has jurisdiction, see links below

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Contact the County Health Department in the county in which you were born - meaning the county of the hospital's location, not necessarily the county your mother resided in. They will provide certified copies for a fee.

Can the mother of my child move your son out of the county before we go to court?


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If both parents live in the same county can the mother of the child move out of the county and take the child without the final orders?

No, you need to have court orders.

Where can you find information concerning the cost of living for a single mother of two in Delaware Sussex County?

standard of self-sufficieny in sussex county, de

Can a mother take a child out of the county?

If, and only if, she has legal MAIN custody of the child, then yes.

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