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As long as their agent approves you, and receives the difference in cost for the premium yes of course that happens quite often.

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Q: If you are 17 years old and are about to get your license can you be insured on another family members policy other than your parents?
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Does a teenage driver with a license have to be put on parents insured vehicle?

No. But he/she can't drive it unless they are

If you have your licence but your car is insured under your parents name not yours can you still drive it?

Yes, you can still drive it as long as you have your license.

Are teens automatically insured to parents car?

They are insured as passengers they are not insured to drive it

How do you get car insurance with a learners permit?

You must either have a driver's license or be insured under a licensed driver's insurance. If you are a minor, your parents can add you to their car insurance.

Your parents are divorced whos auto insurance do you need to be insured under?

You need to be insured where you live.

Can you drive a parents car with them in it if your not insured before you pass your test if you display l plates and they are supervising you?

Yes, but you will be driving illegally. Regarding insurance on written on a personal auto policy, if an insured driver gives you permission to drive their insured vehicle, their insurance covers your liability in an accident. The coverage extends to anyone, whether they are a legal driver, 4 years old, don't have a license, or are blind. However, you need a license to drive in order to be legal.Added: What the question is missing is a statement that you ALREADY HAVE a drivers license or learners permit. If you do NOT have one, you cannot drive under ANY circumstances. As for insurance - it is not the licensed driver that requires insurance, it is the VEHICLE which must be insured.

Does a teen driver have to be insured if living at home?

Yes a teen have to be insured if living at home. The teen would have to be under the parents insurance.

Can your parents evoke your license?

If you are a minor, your parents hold the right to take your license away. You must abide by their rules to keep your license since driving is a privilege.

What will happen to a non license driver who is driving his parents car and rear ended somebody's car?

okay well not sure what will happen for sure but my gf was driving my car and it was not insured and i lost my license and restication for 3 months and had to pay a fine and so did my gf and she got points on her license the other car she rear ended didnt have any damage done to therefore you will probably not get ur license for sometime and the rest would probaby depend on what kind of insurance your parents have..they may have to pay out of there pockets for the accident

If your parents kicked you out of the house and you have another house to live at and be supported until your 18 and have a job can you get you get emancipated to get your license?

No you can not. You will need parental consent in getting that license. Your parents will have to sign off on the paperwork. Driving is a privilege not a right. Check with the laws in the state that you are from and good luck.

Is it possible to have a car title in your name but have it insured under your parents policy?


Can parents still insure your car when recently married?

You parents can be insured on your car and they can make payments regardless of your marital status.

Can your teenage son drive your insured car?

if u hav permission from ther parents if u hav permission from ther parents

How many parents have a drivers license?


Can you be an out of state driver and still be under your parents auto policy?

Insurance is overseen by individual states. If your parents have your car insured in Michigan and you are now living in another state with your car, say California, you will need to get a California auto policy, and drop the Michigan one.

What happens if your 19 year old son who has a license gets into an accident and he's not insured on the parents policy?

If your 19 year old son gets into an accident but is not insured, typically he is the one responsible for the accident, as he is considered an adult. Depending on the circumstances, the owner of the car may also be considered liable for any costs resulting from the accident. The details of the law varies from place to place.

Who is the person who owns an insurance policy?

The insured or the insured's legal guardians (such as parents) is the policy "owner".

Can I drive my parent's car if they are in the car when I am not insured but they are?

Everyone in your household must be listed on your insurance policy if they have a license. For example, if you live with your parents, you may not be covered if you are not listed on their insurance policy. On the other hand, if you live separately you could use their car with their permission and be covered.

Once a teen driver with a permit gets a license in Texas can he or she still drive with an insured parent in the front seat without being on parents' insurance?

No. Added: Once they receive it they are then a fully licensed driver and legally responsible for their own actions behind the wheel. Insurance companies require that they be added to their parents policy (or get their own).

How old do you have to be to get a unrestricted license with parents permission?

You have to be 18

Do you need your parents signature for your drivers license?


How can you get married underagewith parents consent?

You apply for a marriage license. They will provide the forms and the requirements. If you can meet the requirements, which may require a physical and showing up with the parents, they will issue the license.

In Tennessee if you have a disabled parent can you get a drivers license at fourteen and a half?

Yes, there are some cases where a child of disabled parents can get a drivers license at the age of 14. The license is called a hardship license.

Can you get married if you are under age and live in Colorado with your parents but your fiance lives in another state?

If your parents give permission, yes. If your fiance is underage, parental permission is also required. The rules of the state that you apply for the marriage license in will apply.

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