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As long as your NOT "convicted" of the crime, it will not show up in a criminal record check, and employers only ask if you have been "convicted" of any crimes. Most times when a person is charged with shoplifting, they normally don't get "convicted" of it. (SD)


yes you can if you were charged with a felony then you would have a problem. most Job Applications ask only if you have committed a felony. you should not have a problem. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On job application they can only ask if you have been "convicted" of a crime, if you were charged but "not convicted" or if it was dropped to something lower then a misdemeanor, you can say you were NOT CONVICTED.

Now if you were caught shoplifting and went to court, and found guilty of a "misdemeanor shoplifting", then you would or should say YES to the question. Believe it or not, some employers may find your "new" honesty good, but I'm sure many would be scared you may steal from them too.

Your best bet is to go get a police records check on yourself to see how you need to answer that question.

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Q: If you are 18 and was charged with shoplifting misdemeanor is it possible to still get a good job?
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If charged with a felony but than take plea for guilty for a misdemeanor is there still a felony on your record?

in this situation the person will only have a misdemeanor on his/her record.

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If you have been charged with a misdemeanor 2 for theft by deception in PA and you are currently on probation, they can still come after you on additional charges. This is when there is a warrant of arrest even when there is a statue of limitations.Ê

Can you enroll in the air force with a misdemeanor of possession of paraphenilia?

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If you didn't go to court for worthless checks did you still get charged with a misdemeanor?

No I didn't... Why? Did you hear something? I am not a lawyer, and this is not legal advice. ----

If you were charged with a felony and they drop it to a misdemeanor and you plead no contest is it still being convicted of a felony?

No. Though it still may appear on your RAP sheet as a felony conviction (as RAP sheets suck). And, if you received a withhold of adjudication, it won't even be a conviction of a misdemeanor.

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Can a person be charged with shoplifting if the store did not stop you the day of the alleged crime was commented can they only go by alleged video taping?

If they got you on tape and can prove it's you, they can and probably will still charge you for it.

What happens after your 2nd aggravated DUI in AZ?

If you have two DUIs you could be charged with a felony or a misdemeanor, the real question is how much time passed between offenses. License suspension, possible jail time, fines, classes, and the typical DUI punishments are still the basics.

If you went to jail for a misdemeanor will it be on your criminal record?

If you went to jail for a misdemeanor, it will be on your criminal record. It will remain there forever, unless you can go to the courthouse where you were charged and ask the clerk for an annulment on the charge in question. However, the process may not be successful, and could still remain on the record.

What consitutes a Class A misdemeanor in Oregon?

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Can you still become a teacher if you have a misdemeanor conviction of simple assault?

Can you still teach if you have misdemeanor on your record....because the state board is requiring that I submit

Can you still become a US citezen if I have a class B misdemeanor?

Of course I can still become a US citizen if YOUare convicted of class B misdemeanor. :-)

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How long will you be in jail for contempt and non payment of child support?

It varies from state to state but is generally a misdemeanor. You still must pay the arrears.It varies from state to state but is generally a misdemeanor. You still must pay the arrears.It varies from state to state but is generally a misdemeanor. You still must pay the arrears.It varies from state to state but is generally a misdemeanor. You still must pay the arrears.

Will I still be able to get my license if I was charged with a misdemeanor hit and run when I only had a permit and if so how long do I have to wait to apply for a drivers license?

You should probably ask an associate at the D.M.V. that question.

If you have misdemeanor can you still be probation officer?

It MAY be possible. It all depends on the hiring qualifications of the agency for which you wish to work. Some might overlook a very old or very minor misdemeanor offense, others may not. You'll have to check with them directly

Will shoplifting charge 45years ago still shOW up?

Yes, the stupid mistake you made when you were 18 is still haunting you.

Can you join the Army or the National guard with a shoplifting charge?

It is possible. It is best if you divulge this to your recruiter immediately. If the charge was a felony, then it will be tougher, but still not impossible. You are not likely to be permitted to work in finance, and supply or quartermaster may be out of reach, but you should still be able to get a waiver.

If misdemeanor is dismissed does it still stay on your record?

No, not if it is dismissed.

Can you still play college sports with a misdemeanor?


If you have been charged with possession -misdemeanor can you still apply to be a pharmacy technician?

You can apply ... doubtful to be hired. But in order to find out, one has to have the RPh degree first, and that takes up to two years minimally.

If you were in prison for a firearm charge can you still have a firearm?

If you got a felony then no guns for you But if a misdemeanor then you can have guns Actually, it depends on what the misdemeanor is. A misdemeanor for domestic violence is a disqualifying offense by federal law.

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