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You're 18 and a legally responsible adult. You can do whatever you like, but it would be wise to make a good relationship with your parents a priority.

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Q: If you are 18 and your parents won't let you leave what can you do?
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How can i get a job if my parents wont let me go anywhere i don't have a phone or internet because they wont let me use it and i cant talk to anyone in public because they wont let me?

If you are over 18, you can move out and emancipate yourself from them.

My parents are keeping me agenst my will. What can I do?

If you are 18 they have to let you leave if they don't you can call the cops.

What if you want to drop out of high school and parents wont let you?

then you have to wait till you 18 to drop out on your own

In the State of Illinois if your 17 and your parents wont let you move out but your birthday is 3 months away can you leave without getting into trouble?

no not unless they give u permission just wait the next 3 more months and leave when you are 18.

Do i have to wait for love?

It depends on how old you are my parents wont let me date until I'm 18 and he needs to be a Christian man

You'll be 18 in 3 months but you want to move out and live with your biological mother but your parents wont let you what can you do?

Wait three months. then move.

What do you do if you are 19 and your parents FORCED you to leave Canada and move to Texas you had NO choice and they wont let you go anywhere now that you are here in Texas what do you do?

Your parents can't legally make you do anything in the US if you are over 18. You could move anywhere if you wish. Of course, you will need some money and if you have none or not enough, that's why you stay with your parents.

How can you leave home at 17 in Louisiana if your parents will not let you?

Not, if they give not given you permission to. You are going to have to wait until you reach the age of 18.

Can a 16 year old girl leave the province to go live in another province with her 18 year old boyfriend without parental permission but they Canada..lets say Vancouver to Toronto?

You can't go unless you are 18 or older because you are technically a minor. If you parents agree (which I don't think they would) then your boyfriend has to take full responsibility of you and if something happens to you, your boyfriend wont get in trouble (not a lot), your parents will <- which might be the reason why your parents wont let you

Can you leave your parents?

Not until you are 18 and an adult.

Can parents ask adult children to leave home?

Adult children like...? 18 years old? Yes if you live in your parents house and you are 18 or older your parents can ask you to leave.

Can you leave your parents at age 17 with out getting in trouble?

You will only be able to leave your parents home at 17 with permission. the parents can call the police if you leave before you are 18.

When can a girl leave her parents in missouri?

When you are 18 and emancipated.

Can an 18 year old leave his parents?


How old do you have to be to leave a parents costudy?

In the US, 18.

When can you legally leave your parents home in Texas?

When you are 18.

How old do you have to be to buy a paintball gun in Michigan?

id have to say 18 because everywhere i go they wont even let me fill my co2 tank without my parents there

When do parents let their teenager make their own decisions?

when they feel that there old enough which is like when there 16-18 maybe, or maybe when the teens leave home.

Can you force your 18- year old to leave in new york?

Once an individual reaches the age of 18, parents no longer have a legal obligation to that child. There would be no legal implications if the child's parents were to no longer let him/ her live in their home.

If you are 17 and it is 5 months until you turn 18 and you want to move out but your parents won't let you can you leave?

If you are 17 years old and will not be 18 for 5 months, you cannot move out if you want to. Especially if your parents won't let you, you cannot just leave. That would make you a runaway. You may be able to become emancipated, however, the court would have to decide on that, and you would need a very good reason for wanting to leave home.

How do you pursuade your parents to let you get an 18 plus rated game im 13 almost 14 and they wont let me buy call of duty the new one but it is an 18 they wont listen when i say its not bad?

i would just tell them it is a war game with nothing bad at all in it or maybe rent it with their permission and show them the gameplay of you saving the civilians and what not

What age is it legal for a teen to move out of there parents house?

its either 18 or 19 i would let my child leave me when its around about 18 or 19,or when my child gets a boyfriend/girlfriend because rather them being alone they won't be alone,but of course it is hard leaving your child,so let him/her leave when the family is ready

How can you leave your parents house at age seventeen?

No, Age 18

What is the legal age to leave your parents' house?

When you are 18.

What age do kids leave their parents?

18 mabey 19