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If you are 18 will your license be suspended for one ticket for running a stop sign and another ticket for following to close?

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August 26, 2007 8:37AM

Almost certainly not. But it varies from state to state, so I suggest you get hold of the handbook they give away at the DMV, or ask the person behind the desk. Most states seem to think that inexperienced drivers are going to do such things from time to time and you have to try a bit harder to lose your license than following too close. What they are really after are the drunk drivers, but you probably should try to avoid getting a ticket a month, because that would probably start to cause some raised eyebrows at the DMV. Also, if you get a ticket for multiple things like driving too fast with a broken headlight and expired license plate tags, you should not just pay the fine, but you should go to court. You will have a chance to meet with the prosecutor and he will probably agree to drop the most serious charge of speeding if you plead guilty to the other two. It's a plea bargain just the same, and it will keep the speeding away from your insurance company's prying eyes.