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No, you cannot.

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Q: If you are 19 and have a PA Learners permit can you drive alone?
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Can you drive with your learners permit with someone 19 in the passenger seat that you are not related to?

You would have to check the State DMV that you are in. Each State is different. Ditto.

If you are 19 can you drive alone if you have a driver's permit?

The state is not mentioned - it would depend on the DMV regulations of your state.

If you are 19 year old do you need your learners permit in mas?

No, you can get a drivers license without having to get a permit first but... you must pass all of the tests. Written, driving and the vision test.

Do you have to have someone with you if your 19 and have a learners permit In Nebraska?

If you have a Learner'sPermit, you can onlydrive while accompanied by a licensed driver who is 21 years old or older.

Can the person with a permit drive with a license driver at the age of 19?

I think so. I'm not positive, but nineteen is an adult, and I think that if you only have a permit that you can drive the car if there is an adult, but I'm not for sure, so you should check elsewhere, too.

How long do you have to hold your drivers permit in Virginia if your 18?

If you are under 19 years old you must complete a state-approved Drivers Ed program before obtaining your intermediate drivers license. You must hold your learners permit at least 9 months.

Can you drive out of state on a lerner permit if you are 19?

Most states will not honour out of state permits, even if the driver is 18 or older.

Can you drive when you are 19 years old by yourself?

You can as long as you have the official license. If you are driving on a learner's permit you still need to have a licensed driver in the front seat.

What are the release dates for Permit Me - 1925?

Permit Me - 1925 was released on: USA: 19 July 1925

I am 19 can you get a gun permit?

Depends on where you live and what the law is.

Can a 19 year old with a drivers temps drive alone?

Yes but unless they are a very good driver dont let them go at night, with peers, or alone more than 30 minutes

Does a 19 year old need a drivers permit?


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