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stop being scared. Just tell them. There's no easy way to tell someone your pregnant

First of all, make sure you are really pregnant first. Secondly, I was in the same situation: 19, pregnant, and recently broken up with the babies father. When I found out, I thought my mom was going to KILL me. She was really upset, and very disappointed, but for the most part she was ok. Now I am 20 years old with a beautiful 4 month old (and my mom is crazy about her!) Of course it may not be the same for you, but more than likely after you tell whoever it is, they are gonna be mad. But they will also more than likely come around to the fact that you are pregnant because what other choice do they have? Something that I have learned is that when it comes to that child, u are gonna need all the help you can get from supportive people, and the ones that refuse support and understanding you just don't need around anymore.

Hi, I'm 19 and pregnant w/ my first baby. I am w/ the father of the baby, thankfully and we live with his parents. I haven't yet told my mom and I'm not looking forward to it. The best advice that I can give you is to tell a few people that you know will be supportive of you (and who can also keep a secret), and to consider your options and make a firm decision before telling someone who may try to change your mind about whether you would like to have a baby. Try to create a rough plan for where you will live and how you'll support the baby, but don't try to think too far ahead or you will drive yourself nuts. Make sure you're pregnant first before you tell anyone though! AccuClear home pregnancy tests were really fool-proof for me and very inexpensive over the counter. I wish you luck either way, and if you are pregnant, congratulations mama!
You can politely tell someone that she is pregnant by telling her how you will enjoy the new company in a few months' time.

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Q: If you are 19 and think you are pregnant how do you tell someone?
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