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YES, they can LEGALLY. This is more often used by collectors as a scare tactic than actually done.

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Q: If you are 1 month behind on a car payment after being in the hospital and out of work from an injury can the finance company file a warrant?
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Can Tax Authority issue a warrant to distraint on a company?

Yes, for non payment of taxes.

Is a warrant for non payment the same as a warrant for eviction?


Can a warrant be issued for non payment of car note?

can a warrant be issued for non payment of car note

Can they put a warrant out for non payment of vehicle?


Can a warrant be issued non-payment of child support?

Yes. The court can issue a warrant.

What do you do you missed a court ordered payment and now have a warrant?

Contact the ocurt ASAP and request a hearing to explain your circumstance to the judge. He may quash the warrant pending the hearing. Also, get caught up on your payment as quickly as you can.

Are personal financial decisions sufficiently important to warrant you studying the subject of finance?


Can a dealership take back a car due to miss payment?

If you are purchasing an automobile can the dealership file a warrant for your arrest if you miss a payment?

What do you need to do to get a warrant recinded for non payment of child support?

Pay the amount due (you might be able to work out a payment plan).

Will a hospital turn me in when i have a gunshot wound for a warrent over Felony FTA?

The hospital would not know whether you have a warrant or not. However, they will probably call the police to come investigate the gunshot wound, and the police would then find out about the warrant.

Can a repossession company take a warrant out on you for nonpayment?


Can a furniture rental business excute a warrant for your arrest for non-payment?

An arrest warrant cannot be executed except through due process. This means a judge has to sign a warrant if there is probable cause to believe you committed a criminal offense. Non-payment to a furniture rental business is actually a civil matter, not a criminal matter. They can go before a judge and get an order to garnish. They can also repossess the property. They can ruin your credit rating. They cannot issue a warrant for anything. That's done through proper legal channels.

Can a warrant be removed without serving jail time?

yes you can pay the fine in cash even if warrant has been issued for non payment of fines scottish law anyway

Will you go to jail if you go to the hospital with a felony warrant?

Generally no you won't go to jail if you go to the hospital. Health care providers don't care about the legal status of their patients. If you go to the hospital with a gunshot or stab wound or because of some other illegal activity they willcall the police. The police will then check you for warrants. If you just go to the hospital because you are sick they don't care if you have a warrant.

How much does a retire warrant officer three make for pension?

He gets less than police payment(COP)

Is a chief warrant officer considered a company grade officer?

In the Marine Corps they are.

I was scheduled to appear in check court on Wednesday but i have vertigo and was at the hospital to dizzy to hold my head up to appear will a bench warrant be issued?

You had better contact the court ASAP and explain to them what happened or there WILL be a warrant issued. When you do make it to the next appearance you had better be prepared to produce doctor and hospital records supporting your claim for not appearing.

How do you remove a satisfied judgment from title?

Generally, a lienholder gives the debtor a document called a Warrant of Satisfaction upon payment of the debt secured by the lien. Most state laws require that this be done promptly upon payment. The Warrant is then filed in the same office the judgment lien was recorded so the office can mark the lien satisfied.

In the state of Georgia can a warrant be put out for the arrest of the buyer after one payment is missed on the vehicle?

Highly unlikely after one missed payment. But if you miss three or four payments AND hide the vehicle from the repo man, it is possible.

Can you get arrested for doing a stop payment on a check?

Depends on state and local law, but a bench warrant or supena could be placed to settle in court.

What should you do if you have a warrant in Texas for child support?

A warrant is not issued until repeated efforts have been made to resolve the issue. The warrant is not for non-payment, it's for showing contempt for the authority of the court by refusal to pay or appear before the court to provide a plan to pay. Pay it off and turn yourself in. see link

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What is a PT warrant?

PT warrant is a warrant issued for production of an Accused. P.T. warrant means Prisoner's Transit Warrant.

Do I have a warrant?

do i have a warrant

Can the loan company issue a criminal warrant for arrest for non-payment on a auto loan?

Warrants are issued by a judge, and not a loan company. The loan company can repossess an automobile or can sue in court to recover the vehicle or what is owed on it (plus costs). The police do not come and arrest people for not paying off a loan. Lastly, disagreements over payment issues regarding a car loan are civil matters, not criminal ones. Also please be aware that is illegal for an institution collecting debt to threaten arrest, or imprisonment. You can report this to the FTC (if they are under their regulatory authority) and state Attorney General.