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No you can actually be arrested for satratory rape. It is illegal for anybody over the age of 18 to be sexually intimate with a minor.

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Q: If you are 20 and your pregnant girlfriend is 16 can she legally move in with you?
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Can your 16 year old girlfriend move in with you legally if her step dad is abusive drunk who does other things and would jeopardize your child?

Sorry I forgot to add she is currently pregnant

What if your girlfriend 18 and pregnant and your 16 can you move in together?

A 16yo can not move anywhere without parental permission.

Im 16 and your parents say it ok for you to move into a apartment with your pregnant girlfriend can you?

of cosz no.........

In the state of Wisconsin can a pregnant 16 year old legally move out of there parents house and in with the baby's father whom is 18 Without parents consent?

legally the law is you can move out at 16 withg your parents consent

Can your 16 year old pregnant girlfriend move out of her parents if the household is not safe for a pregnant girl and new born?

yes they can. They could move out of the house if they wanted to anyways.

If I'm 16 and pregnant can you legally move out in Georiga?

No you cannot. Being pregnant at age 16 is VERY bad. YOUR A S***/W****. gawsh. go f*** your mother.

How old do you have to be to be legally pregnant?

16 is the legal age to be pregnant

In Texas if a 16 year old gets pregnant can she move out legally?

No. You being pregnant has nothing to do with the statute that defines you as a legal adult at 17. You can be forced to move back in with your parents at 16, but it most likely won't be ordered since you are so close to 17, and pregnant. So legally, no you cannot move out. In practice, go ahead - I doubt any judge would force you back home.

If you are 16 in MI and you get pregnant can you legally move out of your parents home and what are your other rights?

No, you cannot move out without permission. You have the right to medical care for you and your child.

Can you leave home at 16 in NY state to live with girlfriend?

No, legally you cannot move out at 16 to live with a girlfriend. You become an adult the age of 18 in New York. Until that age your parents are responsible for you and where you live.

Can you legally move in with the baby's father if you are 16-years-old and think you are pregnant in Texas?

No. You must have parental permission first.

Can you move out of your house at 16 if you are pregnant?

can you move out your person house with out consent if your pregnant and your only 16

If you are 17 and you have your fiance pregnant at 16 are you allow to move in with her parents without having to return back home in NY?

No, you're not. Getting your girlfriend pregnant does not emancipate you.

Is it legal for a pregnant 17 to move in with baby's daddy and family without parents permission in Texas?

Yes, you are legally able to move out of the house when you are 16 years of age.

My son's girlfriend is pregnant we live in Tennessee can we get in trouble if we let her move in with us?

No. Watch 16 and pregnant they do it all the time as long as the girls parents don't have a problem with it!

Can you legally move out when you are 16?

no. you should be 18, but if you are emancipated by 16 you can.

If you are a lesbian at 16 and get married can you legally move out to live with her?

if you are a lesbian and get married at 16 and one of your parents sign it and say its okay than can you legally move out?

Can you legally move out of your parents house at 16 years old?

Moving out of a parents house at the age of 16 legally, depends on where the person resides. In most states, a child cannot legally move out of a parents home because they are not of the states age of majority. A child can move out at 16 if they are legally emancipated by the courts.

If a boy is 16 years old and he gets permission from his dad but not his mom to move in with his 16 year old pregnant girlfriend can the boy's mom call the police on the boy?


Are you legally considered an adult at 16 if you are pregnant in Florida?

No. Getting pregnant does not make you an adult.

Can you move in with your boyfriend if you are sixteen and pregnant?

can you move out at 16?

Do the parents of a 16 yr old pregnant girl have the right to move the girl to another state and take the girl and the baby away from the 16 year old father to be?

Both are still minors, the parents can legally move her and the baby.

What is legally required to move out at 16?

Get emancipated by the court.

Can a 16 year old move out in nebraska?

you have to be older than 16.. legally

I am 16 and pregnant by my boyfriend who is 15 could i legally move in with him and his family with out my parent's consent?

Depends on the state of residence. Laws vary from state to state. If the legal age of consent is 16, yes.

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