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If you are 20 and your pregnant girlfriend is 16 can she legally move in with you?


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No you can actually be arrested for satratory rape. It is illegal for anybody over the age of 18 to be sexually intimate with a minor.


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A 16yo can not move anywhere without parental permission.

No you cannot. Being pregnant at age 16 is VERY bad. YOUR A S***/W****. gawsh. go f*** your mother.

16 is the legal age to be pregnant

No, you cannot move out without permission. You have the right to medical care for you and your child.

No. You being pregnant has nothing to do with the statute that defines you as a legal adult at 17. You can be forced to move back in with your parents at 16, but it most likely won't be ordered since you are so close to 17, and pregnant. So legally, no you cannot move out. In practice, go ahead - I doubt any judge would force you back home.

can you move out your person house with out consent if your pregnant and your only 16

No, legally you cannot move out at 16 to live with a girlfriend. You become an adult the age of 18 in New York. Until that age your parents are responsible for you and where you live.

Yes, you are legally able to move out of the house when you are 16 years of age.

no. you should be 18, but if you are emancipated by 16 you can.

No. Watch 16 and pregnant they do it all the time as long as the girls parents don't have a problem with it!

if you are a lesbian and get married at 16 and one of your parents sign it and say its okay than can you legally move out?

No. Getting pregnant does not make you an adult.

Moving out of a parents house at the age of 16 legally, depends on where the person resides. In most states, a child cannot legally move out of a parents home because they are not of the states age of majority. A child can move out at 16 if they are legally emancipated by the courts.

That would not be legally allowed. She has to have permission or a court order.

Get emancipated by the court.

you have to be older than 16.. legally

Depends on the state of residence. Laws vary from state to state. If the legal age of consent is 16, yes.

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