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A home pregnancy test will show up most probably negative in this case.

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Can you be pregnant for a month and a pregnancy test still show up negative?

If you are four weeks pregnant you will have enough hCH to have a positive pregnancy test.

If you got pregnant and did not know and took while pregnant will the pregnancy test be negative or positive?

Even if you didn't know you were pregnant but you were at least two weeks along, your pregnancy test will show up positive. But if you were less than two weeks along it will come out negative even if you do end up pregnant.

Is it possible to be 10 weeks pregnant and get a negative urine test if you do?

Some women do not get a positive pregnancy test will late in their pregnancy , if even. A blood pregnancy test is the best way to go.

Is four days too soon to test for pregnancy?

Yes. If you are pregnant you will be likely to get a false negative. Most women will test positive with a home pregnancy test at around 3 to 6 weeks of pregnancy.

You took several pregnancy tests that were positive and then later turned negative are you pregnant?

no probably not. What probably happened was a very early miscarriage. The pregnancy test stays positive for two weeks after a miscarriage. sorry,honey joymaker rn

How long does it take for the pregnancy hormones to leave your body after being 9 weeks pregnant and have a miscarriage?

I was 9 weeks and 1 day pregnant, i miscarried at 3 months but the baby had died at 9 weeks and 1 day, i had 3 positive pregnancy tests 2 weeks, 3 weeks and 4 weeks after i had a miscarriage. On the 5th week i had my period! Five days before my period i had a negative pregnancy result.

I have had two positive pregnancy tests then I did one today and it was negative?

After 8 weeks without a period, you are likely to be pregnant; at that time make an appointment to visit your doctor.

When can you take a pregnancy test and it show up that you are pregnant?

You can get a positive home pregnancy test as soon as 7-10 days after implantation, but don't get frustrated if it takes longer. I have a friend who didn't get a positive result until 8 weeks and 2 missed periods and she had a perfectly healthy pregnancy and baby. I didn't get a positive until 6 weeks the last time I was pregnant and I am positive I am pregnant again, 4 days late and still testing negative. The best thing to do is take care of your body as if you are pregnant until you know for sure. Good luck!

Can you be pregnant if the pregnancy test says negative?

Yes, but within a few weeks the test should be positive and you will have most likely skipped a period. A negative result won't go beyond that time frame.

Can you be pregnant and the pregnancy test say you're not pregnant also not having your period for 3 months?

If you are thinking you are 3 months pregnant and a preg test still shows negative, then this cannot be the case. It is possible a preg tes will not show positive until you are 6 weeks alone (if you have low HCG levels), but not 12 weeks. If you "feel" pregnant, and you are still testing negative, it could be a phantom pregnancy, or there could be something wrong with your periods.

Can you be pregnant if period is 2 weeks late and still get negative pregnancy test?

Yes. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I took 6 urine pregnancy tests over the course of weeks and they were ALL negative. Finally, the seventh test, a blood test, showed positive. By that time I was already three months pregnant. I was told that blood tests pick up on more variations of hCG's, while pregnancy test only detect the most common hCG's.

Could it be possible that I am pregnant if I hadn't had my period in two months but took 2 pregnancy test and they came out negative?

I think it's possible....I had pg symptoms for 3 weeks...2 negative pregnancy tests. Finally, after another week, I took another and it was positive immediately. Turns out I'm 5 weeks.

Can bacterial vaginosis mean your 3 weeks pregnant?

Bacterial vaginosis is not a sign of pregnancy. Signs of pregnancy are a missed period and a positive pregnancy test.

If you are pregnant and have your period will a pregnancy test work?

I am 9 weeks pregnant and have continued to get my period fairly regularly throughout this pregnancy. So far I have not got a positive test.

Does dettol work as pregnancy test?

I have tried the test the first time it was milky white (negative) and I wasn't pregnant I did a urine test after. The second time I got an oily film at the top (positive) I took a pregnancy the next day it was positive 6 weeks and counting! :)

Could you be pregnant if 4 pregnancy test show positive and two weeks later a pregnancy test shows negative?

Answeryes it could just be that your hormone levels were low when you took the last test. But to have 4 positive and one negative! Your pregnant!hi you might actually be pregnant but if you tested to early you could have detected a chemical pregnancy and that means the egg and sperm fertilized but it did not implant that is why they say to wait tell you have missed your pd. but good luck I'm praying for you

What are the possibilities 1positive and 2negative pregnancy tests 2 weeks late had baby 3 months ago 2 normal cycles since presenting early signs?

If you have a positive test it overrides all negative tests plain and simple. A test can show negative and you could be pregnant but a test will never show positive when you are not pregnant. You are pregnant. congratulations.

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