If you are 30 weeks can you go into labor?

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Yes. It is possible to go into labor at any point. It might not be healthy for the baby to be in labor at 30 weeks, so it's best to get to a hospital and be examined by a medical professional.
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When can labor start at 37 weeks?

Answer . \nA normal pregnancy lasts 38-40 weeks. Starting at 37 weeks is not too much to worry about - lots and lots of babies come early.

Can you go into labor at 34 weeks pregnant?

\nYou can go into labor at any stage of pregnancy and 34 weeks is quite a common time to do it. Babies born at 34 weeks, although not fully mature, usually do very well.

If the baby weighs what it should at 37 weeks but you are only 35 weeks and experiencing contractions is it safe to go into labor early?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nHello, Jamison here, \nAs A rule it is not A good idea to induce or allow labor early, Only YOUR personal doctor can tell you if you need to give birth early, There are A LOT of factors to concider when talking about labor,,,,,,,,, My wife was 6 months early, She and ( Full Answer )

How do you start labor at 39 weeks?

Answer . well....... i am on my forth pregnancy now, i am 39 weeks, i took caster oil with my third and labour began with in 2-3 hours after taking it, but this time around i have tried it all currys, treadmill, sex, even caster oil but none of the above has worked, so i really dont think you ca ( Full Answer )

What can you do to go into labor?

Answer . You can have sex since sperm has prostaglandins (sp.) softens the cervix. Plus sex causes you to release the oxytocin hormone which helps to trigger delivery if your uterus is ready. I've also heard that exercise and pumping breast milk helps.. ANSWER . There are lots of ways to indu ( Full Answer )

How do you start labor at 37 weeks?

The doctor gives you medication to soften the cervix and a drop to start contractions. Starting labor, and especially before you are due at 37 weeks, is something only doctors do.

How can you induce labor at 34 weeks?

Why would you want to induce labor that early? The babys lungs are not ready yet. Let it come on its on , at least wait until 37 weeks.

How can you induce labor at 38 weeks?

Based on my research you can try a fast. No food, and even try to take very little liquid. This was based on the fact that in Israel, there is a religious holiday that requires fasting and the rates of baby delivery are much higher the next day compared to any other day of the year. You could also t ( Full Answer )

Help to go in labor but only 34 weeks and 3 days. need methods.?

Answer . This is way too early to go into labor as your baby is not yet ready to live in the outside world. Babies are not considered fully mature until at least 37 weeks, and even then some of them will need longer. A baby born at 34 weeks is considered to be premature, and may well have to have ( Full Answer )

If the baby's head is really low and you are 24 weeks could you go into labor?

Answer . I dont think you can go into labor just because the head is low. When your ready to go into labor. Toward the end of pregnancy, the uterus reaches maximum size, the placenta begins to age, and the level of the hormone progesterone begins to drop. Your body becomes more sensitive to the c ( Full Answer )

Will you go into labor if you drink castor oil at 32 weeks?

You will not go in labor normally at 32 weeks of pregnancy, when you take Castor oil. But then this is not universally true. So you do not give such a brisk purgative to the pregnant woman, at this stage of pregnancy.

How to induce labor at 39 weeks?

I am 39 weeks pregnant today with my second child and want to know the same thing!!. With my first i tried castor oil at 39 and 40 weeks and just got the runs BIG TIME but no baby, also tried walking, bumpy 4wheeler rides, eating a whole pineapple and sex every day, but nothing happened.. At 40 we ( Full Answer )

What do you do if you go into labor?

Always try to make your self as comfortable as possible. You should make arrangements ahead of time with your partner, a friend, family member or neighbor, to have someone to call for help and support. Call for help getting to the hospital or call for an ambulance if the situation is critical. Have ( Full Answer )

Is it safe to go into labor at 37 weeks and if so how can you make yourself go into labor?

A baby can survive outside the womb at 24 weeks (hospital staff consider it viable then, if it is before 24 weeks they will do nothing for your baby). The longer the baby stays in the womb the better it is for the baby, and the healthier the baby will be when it is born, generally any time after 36 ( Full Answer )

How do you go into labor?

You dont! the baby comes and ur water breaks and theres no way you can make yourself go into labor.

How do you induce labor at 29 weeks?

That is too early--your baby will be sick or not survive. Be patient for another couple of months; the time will come.

Can you go in labor at 36 weeks?

Yes, a woman can go into labour at any time during her pregnancy. When it occurs determines what medical definition it gets. If you go into labour before 37 weeks it is called preterm labour. The infant born will then be called "prem" If labour occurs before 22 - 23 weeks it is called spontaneous ab ( Full Answer )

How do you go in to labor?

if you use a foot massages the next day you are most likely to go in to labor.

How can you induce labor 36 weeks?

Well, the most natural thing I know to help induce labor is walking, and orgasms or intercourse. Here is a link that will give you a whole list of things that can help to naturally induce labor: . http://pregnancychildbirth.suite101.com/article.cfm/tired_of_being_pregnant

When will you go into labor if iam 39 weeks 3cm dilated with baby number 4?

I don't think we have yet been able to "predict" exact birth dates yet. You would be able to predict better than any stranger. I would probably just stay close to the hospital and/or a vehicle with a driver and have an in house baby sitter for those other 3 kids of yours....because it is going to be ( Full Answer )

Has castor oil helped any one go in labor at 35 weeks?

NO NO NO!!! Do not use Castor Oil ANYTIME during pregnancy! It is a harsh stimulant laxative and yes, it can make labor faster, but only if labor is ready to start on it's own. If you take it too early, it will not make your labor begin, but WILL most likely make you sick. I tried it, and wish I wou ( Full Answer )

How do you get labor going?

There is no way to get labor going until your body is naturallyready for it to happen. You can however choose to work your babylower into your body by walking or doing labor exercises.

How do you induce labor at 35 weeks?

There are a few ways to induce labor. Although it is very important to go full term so your baby gets all the things he/she needs. The things I have been told are spicy foods, walking, and the biggest one is sex.. Watch a REALLY intense horror movie : )

35 weeks pregnant and 2 centimeters dilated can you go into labor soon?

It is possible, but some mommas walk around 2 or 3 cm dilated for a couple weeks. It also depends how effaced you are. Just make sure to call your doctor and go to the hospital (L&D) if you have regular contractions - for some women they simply feel like menstrual cramps at first!

What are the risks of going into labor at 24 weeks pregnant?

Although all the baby's organs are formed it is not yet fully developed or mature enough for an independent existence. If it survives it will need specialist care in a neo-natal unit for many weeks and may have developmental problems. Only a small percentage of babies born at 24 weeks survive.

You are 24 weeks pregnante how soon can you go into labor?

A full pregnancy normally last 40 weeks so 24 weeks is not a time to be in labor. If you are having any abdominal pain/cramping this could be very serious and you need to go to the doctor right away. A 24 week old baby would have very serious medical problems.

Can labor be induced at 36 weeks?

Generally, labor is not induced at 36 weeks, as the baby is still considered preterm An infant needs the additional time in the womb for lungs to be mature enough to breathe on the outside. Don't rush things. The baby will come when it is time. Good luck.

How long before you go into labor at 36 weeks and 3 cm?

I was 36 weeks, 3 cm and about 70% effaced, I did not go into labor until theexact day I hit 39 weeks. I kept thinking, any minute now, but I ended up sitting around for 3 weeks at 3 cm or more dilated, it drove me crazy with the waiting. When she finally did decide to come wow did she come fast, ( Full Answer )

What if I am 50 percent effaced and 30 weeks pregnant can they stop labor?

Yes, they will give you a large dose of magnesium which works as a muscle relaxer to stop your labor, then they will give you a smaller continuous dose to prevent you from going back into labor. I was 30 weeks pregnant, 3cm dilated and 80% effaced and they were very successful in stopping my labor.

You are 38 weeks 2cm dilated and 25 percent effaced when will you go into labor?

Sometime in the next three weeks ! Only 5 to 10 percent of babies arrive on their due date. It really should be called an approximate date! Doctors are still not sure what the mechanism is that causes labor to start. They know it is the right combination of hormones, causing contractions that wil ( Full Answer )

I am 30 weeks pregnant and I've been scared to go into preterm labor?

I know that even the thought of going through preterm labor is a terrifying one, at 30 weeks of gestation, your baby has very good outcome ratio. The sickest and smallest preemies are born as early as 23 weeks of gestation and they are the ones exposed to many, many hurdles until they reach 40 weeks ( Full Answer )

How can YOU induce labor at 31 weeks?

This is 9 weeks premature and is not medically advisable. It would be irresponsible of us to provide an answer for something that's this dangerous. If due to some special circumstance your physician feels that it would be a good idea in your particular case, he'll know what to do already.

What are good signs that you will go into labor in a week?

It is very hard to predict exactly when you will go into labor, but a few signs that labor is coming soon are: * Loss of your mucous plug * The baby drops * Braxton hicks contractions become stronger and more frequent

Is it dangerous to go into labor at 29 weeks?

Yes, this is considered to be premature labour. The baby is likely to survive and eventually be OK, but the baby will need to spend a significant number of weeks in the neonatal unit.

Is it safe to try an put your self into labor at 30 weeks?

Absolutely not. The baby isn't even fully developed at 30 weeks. He or she would spend several weeks in the NICU, if it survives at all. Just wait, I am 38 weeks pregnant now and I don't rgret waiting so my baby is healthy. It would be safe to trywhen you are considered full term, after 37 weeks. Al ( Full Answer )