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I am a labor and delivery nurse and see this all the time. The answer to the question is that the more children you have the more lax your cervix becomes. We call this, unofficially, a multip-cervix. If this is your fifth child having a cervix that is dialated even a few centimeters may just be the way your cervix is, not a sign of impending labor or even further dilitation at this point. You will most likely just walk around the rest of your pregnancy dilated 1+ cm. And that is normal and actually, to be expected from a cervix that has been dilated four times prior. Unless you are experiencing ongoing contractions, vaginal bleeding or fluid leakage you have not much to be concerned about. Of course make sure to keep your doctor updated with any changes in your condition. it only means that you are dialating early, I was 4 cm dialated when I had my daughter at 38 weeks, I dialated prior to giving birth with all my kids and they were all full term

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Q: If you are 32 weeks pregnant with your 5th child and your cervix is 1-1 and a half cms dilated does this mean early labour?
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