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If you are 33 weeks pregnant and have had lots of blood tests that show your ALT is high what can this mean?


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The Alt is definilty your liver count. Mine was high after I delivered my daughter, they kept me in the hospital an extra day. A week after I was home I had to go and see my family doctor, they tested it and it went back to normal, though I myself have a fatty liver. I think you will be fine as long as your doctor knows whats going on. I am still here.

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You can take a blood test because the doctor can tell if you are pregnant through that type test earlier than through a pregnancy test. Talk with your doctor about other tests. These tests may be low-priced or high-priced. If you can got to your local free clinic.

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The symptoms when one is 29 weeks pregnant include itchy skin due to the stretching caused by the growth and swelling around the legs and feet. High blood pressure is also possible.

Yes, because of your PH balance. I believe it's extremely high when you're pregnant. It will show up as an abnormality.

A woman with a high-risk pregnancy will need closer monitoring than the average pregnant woman. Such monitoring may include more frequent visits with the primary caregiver, tests to monitor the medical problem, blood tests.

Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is a hormone present in the blood within about a week of conception. It is the hormone detected in a blood or urine pregnancy test, but it usually takes three to four weeks for levels of hCG to be high enough to be detected by home pregnancy tests. It is secreted by cells that develop into the placenta.

High blood pressure has no connection to getting someone pregnant.

Any high blood pressure when pregnant is dangerous. High blood pressure while pregnant can be a sign of eclampsia. if you go to your ob/gyn theyll prob categorize you with preeclampsia. TELL YOUR OB DR!!!!

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The Story is: Im 27 weeks pregnant and have had +4 blood in my urine since week 6. At week 23 i had +1 protein. The blood has now gone but i still have +1 protein. I have had kidney function tests, liver enzme tests and all have come back normal. My blood pressure has been high at times too, mainly when at hospital, it always seems to be more or less normal at GP surgery, my highest reading was 174/86 today it was 125/58. The protein has remained +1 never any higher, i go hospital 3 times a week for checks, and they so far dont seem concerned, Anyone else been in this situation?

well maybe your hcg level in your body is not high enough, get blood tests done to find out whats happeneing, its the only 100% sure way of knowing

yes i was pregnant 4 weeks and took 4 pregnancy tests and they all came out positive... when i went to the doctor they made another pregnancy test and it was definitely positive so it will show if u have high hormone levels if u dont then u can go to the doctor so they can test ur blood to see if u are pregnant!! goodluck

You are PROBABLY not pregant. However, if you are so worried about being pregnant that you take the pill and don't trust one, two, three, or even four pregnancy tests, maybe you shouldn't be having sex. Slim to none. If you were pregnant by this time your hormone level should be high enough to read on a pregnancy test. If you still have doubts the surefire way to get an answer is to have a blood test.

Not to be used by pregnant and lactating women, those with high blood pressure. Not to be taken long-term, 3 weeks on and 3 weeks off is good. Do not eat fresh plant, as it can irritate mucous tissues.

No, it's for high blood pressure.

No, as an Expert in Thrill Rides if you are pregnant you can't ride any thrill rides while your pregnant.

there is a possibility you are, depending on how soon you took those tests because your hormone levels are not high enough to be detected in the first days of pregnancy to be certain go to the doctor for a blood test.

There are three tests that can be carried to determine the high protein in bloods. These tests includes: Erythrocytedimentation rate, C-reactive protein, and Plasma viscosity.

Your pulse is sometimes higher when you are pregnant. Your pulse will rise with your blood pressure. You can ask your doctor how to avoid high blood pressure.

It will be routine Blood tests, Urine test and possibly a Renal scan to check your kidneys. More complicated cases may need further tests

Well I'm 5 weeks pregnant and my cervix is extremely high, medium hard, and closed completely. I hope this helped you a little!

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