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No ... that's close to ideal weight.

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Are you overwieght?


What do you call an overwieght lion?

Fat Cat

Are you underweigh or overweigh if you are a 55 inch girl and weigh 90 pounds?

It is overwieght, because 55 inches is very short, and 90 pounds is for the weight of maybe a 4'8 girl.... I'm sorry for the person who us this height and weight, try eating lots of friuts combineded with exercise.....

If you are five feet and you weight 100 pounds is that considered overwieght?


Do you have to be fit to ride a skateboard?

you can be overwieght, but not obease! underweight is good!

I am 5'2 and 139 lbs am I overwieght?

That depends on how much you weigh.

Can you get sacked from a job for being overweight?

Yes You Can Be If You Are Really OVERWIEGHT

You are 23 yr old you weight 126 your height is 5'2 are you overwieght?


Is it ok for a 12 year old girl to weigh 140 pounds when she is 4ft 11?

no she is overwieght no she is overwieght not necissarily overweight lots of you kids, age 12, before puberty, gain weight, that they grow into as they get taller.

Is 5'11 193 ilbs overwieght?

Unless it's all muscle, then yes.

Im 13 years old 5'0 and I weigh 103lbs Is that overwieght?

No. You are fine.

What is construction workers stereotype?

burly, sweat gross, overwieght man. with a beard.

Im 13 5'0 and i weigh 103 is that overwieght?

You are definitely not overweight. Just right.

How tall should an overwieght 11 year old be?

5 ft 2 or 3

If you are 5' 6 and weigh 185 pounds are you overweight?

Your BMI would be 29.9 which is overwieght

How do you know if you are overwieght?

You have to weigh yourself first. If you are 20% above ideal weight for your height then you are obese.

Im 13 years old and im 5'1 and im 55kg am i overweight?

you arn't overwieght

Im 10 years old you are 5.3tall im weigh151 pounds are you fat?

Slightly overwieght

Does Satan fart?

He's fat and overwieght and he eats people, so yes, he should naturally.

Is a 13 year old female that's 5-5 and 108 pounds overwieght?


IF you are 102 ib and 5'7 14 year old girl are you overwieght?

Definitly not, mabye underweight.

Do overwieght females have bigger vaginas?

idk i think so but i just had my period! what do i do im only 12!

Is 165 lbs considered overweight for a 5'8 female 56 years old?

it is overwieght but it doesnt mean your fat.

How does eating a pound of sugar a day effect your health?

Well it clogs the arteries and sometimes can make you sick and overwieght

What are some consequences for being a obese child?

The consequences of being obese are: Not eating breakfast=intellectual performance affected, poor eating habits=overwieght and obesity, inactivity=overwieght and obesity, overweight children self-esteem,diabetes,bone and joint problems,gall bladder disease and sleep apnoea.