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If you are 50 years old how can you exercise just to tone and not get a muscular body?


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Exercise less and try aerobics. Well, first of all, congratulations! I would try to do some Yoga, or low impact aerobics. Also, lift light weights 3 times a week,(including weekends). OR, play tennis or swim. That's an excellent way to keep in shape with out over doing it.

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The muscular system works with the skeletal system and is responsible for movement of the body and things in the body. Another thing it does is generated heat to keep us warm, plus, it helps circulate blood and lymph. Those are just some of the reasons that exercise is so good for you.

For me, I personally prefer more on the muscular side but not like body builder muscle, just strong muscle. But thats just me.

just one exercise can increase flexibility in a body and that is only all kind of physical exercise ,,

It all comes down to genetics. also, Someone who happens to be muscular and does not currently exercise dosent necessarily mean that they havent in the past and kept up a good diet. Muscle tissue does not leave you if you don't starve most people just cover it with fat

Muscular Dystrophy causes numerous effects on the body. Here are just a few: aniexty, balance, bladder dysfunction, bowel problems, depression, and fatigue.

The best weight loss plan is just to eat more healthy and get lots of exercise. Just don't over exercise as that can be more harmful to your body. Allow your body recovery time.

The muscular system doesn't have "symptoms." The muscular systems is just there, and does not have any symptoms.

because your always standing and moving your whole body to do tricks or just to coast my opinion best sport and exercise ever.

Light to moderate exercise is okay. Just as long as your body temperature doesn't exceed 100 degrees (or higher than your own body temperature), it should be fine.

sports can effect on your mind.because sometimes you exercise just for money.

I think that there could be potential harm to the body if we don't watch the soleus while we exercise. I would just be carefull and strech b4 you exercise and watch your soleus muscle.

Do not exercise before you eat. Your best time to exercise would be an hour or two after eating because if you exercise before you eat you are puttin in the calories you just burned off and if you wait until after you eat your body will burn off what you just ate instead of holding it in reserve.

No. Creatine is used to gain more energy for exercise. The creatine is activated just when muscular work is performed. If not used, creatine is just excreted out of body with urine as creatinine. If not used out of the range Creatine should not harm but about use of it still an exercise physiologist should be consulted. There are many other ways to gain more energy through totally harmless substances. If you do take Creatine, make sure you double your intake of water.

You know that regular exercise can help you lose weight, but a regular workout regimen actually does a lot more than just help you shed unwanted pounds. Exercise can have a major effect on your physical, emotional and mental health. In fact, exercise affects almost every part of your body.

You don't say if you are overweight or not, but don't be too concerned if you are not curvy. Just exercise to build muscles and get some aerobics. Everything will turn out just fine.

Protein AND exercise, otherwise you body will just pee out the unused protein

You would not be able to move your arms or legs without muscular strength. Therefore, to swim anywhere in water, one MUST HAVE an acceptable amount of body strength just to be able to move.

No. Neck exercise might tone your neck a bit, but fat is lost all around the body and not just in the spot worked.

No. A calorie is just a measure of energy. So what you do before and after doesn't matter. Although on another note after exercise your body goes into a desperation mode. So there's about a five minute period after exercise where your body uses protein in the absolute most efficient way possible. Just in case you wanted to know. =)

There are no organs in the muscular system just muscles. There are 650 muscles.

Exercise is where you move your body and it is important because it pumps up your blood, don't you ever just want to MOVE?! Your body wasn't made for sitting around all day, it was made to work and play...so do just that! It is also bad for you because you are getting active

Yes. Too much, or too little can have negative effects. Just remember that your body has to recover and rebuild after exercise and if it does not have enough rest, you can actually be tearing your body down with too much exercise.

You just lift weights and exercise. The human body doesn't just loose weight in the specific parts you workout. Just try and lose weight and everywhere on you body will be more toned!:)

Do not go into a diet plan that makes you take dangerous pills or do too much exercise. You just to need eat healthy and do daily exercise. Don't over exercise, as that is bad for your body.

You're an alien! Joking, It might just mean the exercise you're doing isn't challenging your body.

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