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If you are 5 foot 2inches tall and you weigh 147 are you obese?

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Someone that is 5 foot 2 inches should weigh between 104-131pounds.

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How much a 16 year old weigh?

it depends on how tall if you r 5 foot & 2inches then 125

How tall is Allie DiMico?

She is about 5 foot 2inches.

How tall in meters is 6 foot 2inches?

6 foot 2 inches = 1.8796 meters

Explain why an adult can weigh very little but be obese?

An adult can weigh very little and be obese because they might be very short. For example, a person who is five feet tall and weighs 240 pounds is considered to be more out of shape than someone who is six feet tall and weighs the same as the 5 foot person is closer to having an average weight.

Is 14 stones and a half obese?

It depends on your height. Think about it, a very tall person should weigh a lot, and a short person should weigh less. So obese for someone of one height is not obese for another height.

How tall is john Morrison WWE?

2inches and 5CENTIMETERS

Am i obese if im 12 and weigh 252 and is 5'2 inches tall?

Given those conditions, you are grossly obese and need a doctor's intervention as soon as possible.

How tall is 5 feet and 2inches in meters?

Approximately 1.57 meters tall.

How tall is Maria Sharapova?

Maria Sharapova is 6ft and 2inches tall (1.88 cm)

How tall is Rebecca Stevenson from Kiro 7?

she is about 5ft 2inches tall, I went to school with her.

How much should a 5 foot tall boy weigh?

They should weigh 75-90lbs.

Is it normal for a 11 year old boy to weigh 125 pounds if he is 5.2?

125 pounds is slightly above average for an 11 year old boy who is five foot two inches tall. It is not considered obese.

How tall is Jordyn Wieber?

about 5 feet 2 1/2inches

Am i overwieght if i weigh 170 pounds and im 5'5 feet tall?

Ideally, a person 65 inches tall should weigh 150 lbs. or less.Anything over 180 would be considered obese.

How much should a 4 foot 11 inch woman weigh?

The average, normal weight for a woman who is 4 feet 11 inches tall is 94 pounds up to 119 pounds. If you are at or above 148 pounds, you are obese.

How much sould a five foot nine inch man weigh?

A man that is five feet nine inches tall should weigh between 128 to 158 lbs. From 164 to 190 lbs., the man would be considered overweight, and from 197 or more the man would be considered obese.

If you are 4 foot tall what should you weigh?


How much should a twelve year old 5.0 foot tall girl weigh?

i am 13 but also 5 foot you should weigh 80-100 pounds

How much should a ten year old boy weigh?

no more than 85 pounds , unless he is obese. It also depend on how tall he is

What is obese for the age of 12?

it depends how tall you are- how tall??

If your 5 foot tall how much should you weigh?

You should weight about 100-120 lbs at 5 feet tall.

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