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The obligated parent cannot arbitrarily cease court ordered child support regardless of the circumstances. Child support is for the needs of the minor child; that being the case, the custodial parent being eligible for SS benefits is not relevant. Another issue is, why the person is paying support for a non biological child if it does not pertain to adoption? The best option is for the obligated parent to discuss the specific circumstances with a qualified attorney.

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What are the benefits that corporations and investors enjoy because of the existence of organized security exchanges?

What major benefits do corporations and investors enjoy because of the existence of organized security exchanges

The benefits that corporations and investors enjoy because of the existence of organized security exchange?

What major benefits do corporations and investors enjoy because of the existence of organized security exchanges

Are unemployment benefits affected by Social Security Disability benefits?

Because the SSA is very stringent about allowing Social Security Disability benefits, you are most likely to not qualify for unemployment benefits because you have to be able to work, which the SSA had to admit you couldn't.

Can you receive veterans benefits and Social Security at the same time?

Yes, you can. You served your country and you deserve to reap the benefits from what you worked so hard at. You get your social security benefits to because you contributed to the social security system for your working adult life. Therefore, you receive both benefits.

Does a resident alien receive full social security benefits?

Yes they do.. Why? Because they pay taxes and social security.

Can you draw Social Security and unemployment in Kentucky at the same time?

According to page 8 in the Related Link below, you not only can collect Social Security AND unemployment, but your unemployment benefits are not reduced because of your SS benefits.

What are my Retirement Benefits?

You will need to ask your employer or the employer you retired from. You can research your social security benefits by calling the SSA office nearest you. To find out exactly what you retirement benefits consist of , it will be necessary to contact the human resource department. Because the benfits vary from company to company, there is no general answer to that question. If you are concerned regarding social security benefits, contact the social security office in your area.

If you are collecting retirement benefits can you also collect unemployment benefits?

If you mean you are collecting Social Security benefits (as the retirement benefits), then yes you can. Only 4 states offset the unemployment benefits by a portion of your SS benefits (Illinois, Louisiana, Utah, and Virginia). Other retirements need to be discussed with your state's employment security office because some are allowed, some modify the benefits, and some are not allowed.

Do you have to apply for Social Security Disability when you start getting Long Term Disability from your employer?

Yes, if your disability insurance policy has a benefit that is integrated with social insurance benefits.Most employer paid disability insurance policies are integrated with social security benefits, because of the lower premium they have to pay. Individual disability insurance plans can be purchased with or without social security integration. Benefits that are not integrated with social security benefits will not be affected whether you apply or not for social security disability benefits.

If you receive ie 255 a week unemployment insurance will that amount be reduced because you receive Social Security benefits?

No, Social Security benefits will not reduce unemployment compensation. They are 2 different programs and do not affect each other.

What are the stipulations on alimony in gautier mississippi?

Your social security will not be affected because of your unemployment benefits, but if you start receiving social security, you may no longer be eligible for unemployment.

When you are awarded Social Security Disability why do you have to repay a portion of your benefit to the insurance carrier when you paid LTD benefits through your employer with after tax dollars?

There are two circumstances in which you would have to repay benefits once you qualify for Social Security disability benefits:The first is if you own an individual Disability policy that includes a Social Insurance offset benefit. Social Insurance benefits are benefits that the insurance company pays on a disability claim, but will offset dollar-for-dollar with social security benefits.The second is if someone receiving benefits from a group Disability policy is eligible for social security benefits. Every group policy will have a provision in the contract that explains how benefits will be handled when a claimant is eligible for social security benefits. As much as group policies are great because they are less expensive and usually can be obtained without medical underwriting, the contract itself is not as good. In a sense, you get what you pay for. Most group disability policies will offset dollar-for-dollar with any social security benefits received, including personal and family benefits. In many situations the amount you will receive from the actual disability insurance company will be minimal.More specific to the question being asked - it can take a long time for social security benefits to be approved and paid. Therefore, many times the insurance companies will pay out benefits during months in which a claimant was technically eligible for social security benefits. Once the social security benefits are approved and paid, the claimant will be expected to repay the insurance company for all benefits paid that would otherwise have been offset. A claimant will not be expected to repay benefits for months in which they were not eligible for social security disability benefits.

What is the time limit to file for Social Security survivors benefits?

There is no specific time limit for filing a claim for survivors benefits; however, it's important to start the process as soon as possible, because back benefits are only available from the date you file, not from the date of death. For more information about Social Security Survivor Benefits, see Related Links, below.

Can you draw social security and railroad retirement benefits?

I worked for the Fed Govt for 35 yrs before that I worked and paid 48 quarters into Social Security, my wife worked for the Railroad and was covered by Railroad Retirement, we are now retired. My Social Security was reduced under the Windfall Elimination Clause of the Social Security Act. I was entitled to a portion of my wife's Railroad Retirement Benefits. The Railroad Retirement Board recently informed me that they were reducing my benefits because I have a Federal pension. This is a double hit, since my Social Security benefits have already been reduced by 45%? I have appealed this ruling and hope to have it reversed. Can they reduce both benefits due to a Federal pension being drawn?

How do you raise Social Security benefits for when you retire?

There are at least two important factors involved in increasing your Social Security benefits. The first is, earn as much money as you possibly can because the benefits you receive at retirement are tied directly to how much you paid into the system during your working years. The second is, vote. Be aware that some politicians want to dismantle Social Security and reduce benefits because of the cost. Don't cast a vote for anyone who wants to eliminate important financial safety nets, and don't sit home on election day thinking your one vote doesn't count, because it does. It's also a good idea to learn as much as you can about saving and investing some of your take-home pay so that you're not entirely dependent on Social Security benefits when you retire.

My dad was born in 1919 his social security benefits seem low compared to mine whereas I was born in 1954. Why are my benefits more than his?

Because of your higher earnings and larger contribution amounts during your period of contributing to your social security and medicare benefit account.

Can you apply for Social Security benefits because you're blind in your left eye and your right eye needs glasses?

Social Security offers two types of benefits for person's who qualified under their guidelines which pertain to the mentally or physically impaired. Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income. Information and a "test" to determine the possibility of qualifying for one or both can be found at

Can you sign up for Social Security Disability while receiving unemployment benefits?

You may apply for Social Security Disability Benefits. They will then determine whether or not you are qualified. Just because you are currently out of work certainly does not mean that you are qualified. If you were just working fairly recently, I can tell you that you will probably be denied.

If you gave notice and was let go immediately can you collect Illinois unemployment?

You can apply for unemployment benefits, but it is up to the Department of Employment Security if they will award benefits or not. However, if you gave notice because you had another joblined up, you probably will not be awarded benefits.

Can illegal immigrants receive any govt benefits?

No. Most people assume that because they see an immigrant at a welfare office or social security adm, they are illegal and they are collecting benefits of some sort. Fact is, no illegal immigrant can receive government benefits.

Can you draw as much money at 65 on Social Security retirement as on disability?

Social Security disability benefits are typically lower than retirement benefits because they are calculated on the basis of fewer years of income. When a disabled worker reaches full retirement age, his or her benefits automatically convert from disability to retirement income at the same rate. There is no windfall payment for disability.

Can you draw social security disability if you are already on social security?

No. Someone cannot receive both Social Security retirement and disability benefits at the same time. Social Security Disability Insurance provides monthly benefits to individuals who are under full retirement age (age 65 and/ or older) and who can no longer work because of a severe disability. The impairment must be expected to last for more than 12 months.

What happened in the 80s that caused an upheaval in the social security system?

In the 1980's there was an upheaval in the Social Security system in the United States because funds were actually dwindling. Laws were passed to tax Social Security benefits and actually raise the age of retirement.

Are unemployment benefits affected by collecting Social Security at the same time in Texas?

No. You can collect under both programs because they are independent of each other.

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17. What major benefits do corporations and investors enjoy because of the existence of organized security exchanges

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