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Certainly there are but your present condition would be exluded.

You can still apply even if you are already pregnant. Your pregnancy and maternity leave will not be covered, but you will have income replacement in case of accidents and illnesses. Keep the policy, and future pregnancies and maternity leaves will be covered.

2009-10-20 01:50:24
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Q: If you are 6 weeks pregnant and it is too late to sign up for voluntary short-term disability offered by your employer are there any companies that will provide a short term disability policy?
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How do you extend short term disability in ca?

Are you currently disabled? If so, check with your employer and / or state's social security disability benefits. If not currently disabled, you can get individual long-term disability protection from a handful of disability insurance companies, or through your employer.

Does an employer have to hold a position for employee on temporary disability?

In many cases an employer does not have to hold a position for an employee on temporary disability. In some cases companies companies are exempt from the Family Medical Leave Act. Employees must also meet certain certain requirements.

Can you receive disability for pregnancy in tx?

Texas does not have a state mandated disability program. You can get coverage through your employer if they offer a voluntary option. You would need to begin coverage before getting pregnant.

Does mass have short term disability?

Massachusetts does not have state mandated short term disability. You can get coverage through your employer. Just ask them to make a voluntary short term disability policy available to you via payroll deduction. You pay for the policy.

What does CAVDI mean in box 14 of a W-2 Tax form?

CAVDI stands for California Voluntary Disability Insurance. The voluntary choice states that the employer can pay 100% of it up to the maximum SDI limit.

In Massachusetts how to get disability when not offered in workplace?

Short term disability insurance is often marketed as a voluntary employee benefit. You pay the premium via payroll deduction, so there is no direct cost to your employer, and no reasonable objection to providing you this option.

Can an employer lay off after disability?

Legally, no, an employer should not lay off anyone after disability. However, it does happen. It particularly happens if the employee can no longer do his or her job correctly because of his or her disability.

What States have Temporary Disability Benefits?

There are five states with mandated temporary disability benefits: HI, CA, NJ, NY, and RI. The other 45 states also have temporary disability available to workers, but participation is voluntary - as long as the employer agrees to allow the employees to pay for the policies through payroll deduction.

Does title VII allow an employer to develop a voluntary affirmative action program?

Title VII allows an employer to develop a voluntary affirmative action program

Does Virginia have long term disability?

You have to check into Social Security disability, if you don't have your own disability insurance (individual policy, or through your employer); It is recommended that you get your own Disability Insurance policy if your employer does not offer such benefits. Yes, there are disability insurance policies available in Virginia.

If you go over your 12 week short term disability can your employer fire you?

An employer can discontinue employment for multiple reasons, including your inability to work. If your short-term disability was through your employer, and you didn't have a long-term disability insurance policy, your employer is not obligated to continue paying your salary or sick-pay benefits beyond your short-term disability policy.

If your employer does not provide maternity benefits can you get short term disability in Colordado?

Short term disability is a great way to create maternity leave pay for yourself, while also protecting your family in case of pregnancy complications, delivery complications, premature birth, accidents and illnesses. Short term disability is available in Colorado as a voluntary employee benefit. There is no direct cost to your employer, as you pay the premium via payroll deduction.

How much does employer pay for group disability?

The amount your employer pays for the cost of your group Disability insurance is uncertain. Some companies will pay for the full premium, others pay for 50% and some will not pay any of the premium but offer coverage on a voluntary basis instead. You should also know that if your employer pays for your group Disability benefits, the benefits will be paid on a taxable basis. Hence the 60% benefit you expect to receive will be taxed and reduced to more like 45% income replacement. For this reason, many employees in this situation, such as Federal employees, will purchase supplemental coverage on the individual market. In order to find out what percentage of the cost your employer pays, you must ask or review your benefits program brochure, if you are provided one.

Can an employer ask you if you have a physical disability?

yes. ( I think)

Are long term disability payments paid by companies insurance policy taxable by state and state governments?

If the Long-Term Disability benefits you receive are from a company sponsored program, the taxation is dependent on whether your employer pays the premiums. Assuming that your employer pays for and provides the insurance to you, then the benefits you receive are taxable as ordinary income.

Can you collect unemployment insurance and employer disability concurrently in new york?

no, if you are collecting disability you are still employed

How do I get the disability ID number for taxes?

hello I am trying to do my taxes and I am on disability how do I get th employer id number

Can employer paid disability plans be considered taxable?

Yes, employer paid disability insurance plans are normally paid with pre-tax money, therefore the benefits will be taxed.

Do most Michigan employers offer short term disability?

It's difficult to know the percentage of employers offering short term disability. There is no state mandated program as in other states. Short Term Disability is available to most employers as a voluntary employee benefit. Because you and your co-workers will pay the premium via payroll deduction, it's easy to get your employer to agree to offer the benefit. Your employer only needs to forward your premium to the carrier once a month.

Is there supplemental disability insurance?

Yes, and it's recommended to add supplemental disability insurance to cover closer to 100% of your income. If you have disability insurance through your employer, your benefit will be capped at 66% of your income. The benefit received from a group disability policy (through your employer) is taxable. Supplemental disability insurance benefits are not taxable. You can add Catastrophic rider on an individual disability insurance policy, to cover up to 100% of your income in combination with your existing employer group DI.

What if your fired because boss says your not fast enough on disability?

Question 1 Can you be fired if you are on disability due to a medical condition like cancer by your employer? Question 2 Can your employer fire you while on a medical disability over 6 months

Can an employer drop health insurance for its employees if it is voluntary?

"Voluntary" insurance programs, such as those offered by AFLAC and certain other companies, are actually individual insurance policies that are marketed at the workplace-frequently during a period of "open enrollment". The premiums are paid by the employee, although the employer sometimes deducts premiums from pay upon the authorization of the employee. Therefore, the employer is not truly a party to the insurance transaction. All other things being equal, the employer cannot "drop" the coverage.

What is the general group disability payout for individuals?

If I am reading the question correctly you are asking how much you would collect on disability on a group claim. The answer to that would be on your employers policy. Every policy is differant for each employer. Some companies will pay out 100% of your pay will others may only pay 50%, 60%, 70% and so on, you would need to ask your employer

If your employer doesn't offer short term disability can you get it through the state of GA?

Georgia does not have state disability insurance. You need to approach your employer, and ask to make the option of short term disability coverage available to you and your co-workers. It is something you would pay for yourself through payroll deduction, so there is no direct cost to your employer.

Can you collect disability from the state of Illinois?

Illinois does not have state short term disability. Social Security disability is a federal program.You can get short term disability in Illinois by through your employer, or by working with an agent.