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No. Only reservation land is considered as such. Tribal land is held in trust and can only be leased it cannot be sold.

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Who has the deed to Indian reservations?

The Native American tribe/nation that owns the land. Native American lands (reservations) are considered sovereign and are governed by several entities, the Tribal Council, the BLM and other such agencies.

What was American Indian view of Land?

Land belong to everyone

What was the American Indian view of land?

land belonged to everyone

What was the American Indian view of land Apex?

land belonged to everyone

The goal of the american indian movement was?

was to restore land.

What happened to the American Indians who fought in the French and Indian War?

All American Indian groups lost land and Power

The largest land purchase in American history was?


How did the American Indian come to north America?

The American Indian come to north America from Siberia across the Bering land bridge.

What was a negative impact of the Louisiana purchase?

One Negative Effect of the Louisiana Purchase is conflict with native americans. For example, search, Tecumseh. He was a native American Indian who would do anything to prevent white settlers from occupying his land.

Who was probably in the bigger hurry to complete the land purchase the the American or don anselmo?


Difference between Indian and American farmers?

The biggest difference between Indian and American farmers is that American farmers have larger plots of land and better technology. The Indian farmers are also subject to harsher working conditions.

How many acres of Indian Reservation land in the US?

The Bureau of Indian Affairs administers and manages 55.7 million acres of land in behalf of American Indians, Indian Tribes and Alaskan natives.

How did amityville get haunted?

the house was built on sacred Indian land (Indian burial ground) (native American graveyard)

What is the difference between the french and Indian war and the American revolutionary war?

french and indian was for land revolutionary was for freedom

What was the main reason for the French and Indian war?

Conflicts of North American land

What type of land form did the Native American Chinook live on?

what type of land form did the indian community live on?

Why did American Indian societies not wish to buy and sell land?

Many Native American societies did not believe in ownership of the land therefore it was not theirs to buy or sell.

How did the Louisiana purchase affect American citizens?

It gave American citizens more opportunitiesto own their own land.

What do we call tracts of land set aside for Indians?

The land was known as an Indian Reservation, not a time in American history to glory in.

What is an area of land where the US government forced American Indians to live?

An Indian Reservation.

Which of these acts American citizenship to American Indians and 160 acres of land to each to each Indian family?

Dawes Act.

Why are crimes on Indian land considered federal?

Native American land is owned by the federal government. Native American land is seen as its own "territory" or "state", and they are not subject to state laws. The State of Kansas has no jurisdiction over Indian land with-in their state. All Native Reservations fall under the direct jurisdiction of the United States.

What were the American Indians and white's views of land ownership?

The American Indian belief was that land could never be owned.The white's believed that land could be bought and sold and as long as you had a contract to prove you owned a block of land or a house then that was youres.

How do you say conquered land in Indian language?

There are about 450 Languages spoken in India and about 700 different Native American languages. But there is no such language as "Indian".

What two American Indian groups fought against American troops and the land the groups' were trying to protect?

7 and 8