If you are a 16-year-old with a child and you live with your mother does she or any other adult have custody over your child because you are under 18?

In a way she does have custody of your child because you are under 18 and you live in her house but if you are supporting your child by buying food, clothes, diapers ect. then you should move out. But then again you should take care of your child, not your mother but if she's helping you, enjoy it! It sounds like she is trying to be the responsible adult. Honest, that's a good thing. Perhaps when you are a little more mature you will be able to recognize that your mother is trying to do the right thing in a difficult situation. * Regardless of the intent and the situation, a minor unmarried female has the same equal rights to a child as does an adult mother. She cannot be forced to sign over her parental rights nor can any other adult arbitrarily take those rights from her, only a court can make a decision as to whom shall retain custody of a minor child.