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But of course! Otherwise who would work the counters here for the Airline? Mexicans? No, she can work for any airline her heart desires.

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Q: If you are a US citizen and your girlfriend is a Mexican citizen and she is a flight attendant and you're planning to get married can she keep her job as a flight attendant for a Mexican airline?
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Is Aeromexico a Mexican airline?

Yes. Aeroméxico is a Mexican airline.

What is an male airline attendant called?

a steward

Can an airline flight attendant get married?

Yes they can.

How do you find what airline a flight attendant works for?


Do you get paid while training to be a flight attendant?

Depends on the airline

Is married women can apply to be a flight attendant?

Their are so many airline who do hire married women for flight attendant.

Is Volaris a Mexican airline?

Yes. Volaris is a Mexican airline with offices in Mexico, the US, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Costa Rica.

You are international flight attendant how can you to be flight attendant in US?

Simply look for an airline, open their web site and look for vacancies

Where can you apply to be a flight attendant?

on the airline website, go to the careers section

Is there a Mexican airline?

yes, it is called mexicana

Where can one learn how to become a flight attendant?

This will depend on which airline you would like to work for. Each airline has there own training and programs. Your best bet would be to contact the airline you would like to work for and find out what their training program consist of. If you are unsure of which airline you would like you work for you could attend flight attendant school.

How do you apply for the job of flight attendant?

check the careers page for the airline your interested in

Is airline flight attendant a career only for girls?

No, a flight attendant is not just a career for girls. many men are now flight attendants.

How many years of college flight atteant do you have to go through?

You don't go to college for a flight attendant. First, you get a job with an airline and they will train you as an attendant.

What part of your plane ticket do you keep?

the part the airline attendant gives back to you of course

What is the average salary for a Flight Attendant in the US?

About $30,000 year if you work for a Major Airline.

How do you become an airline attendant?

unfortunitly you picked the worst time to want to become a flight attendant. the airlines are trimming work forces every week to save a buck or two. last night's air tragedy hurts airline bookings for the leisure with all this good news if you still want to become a flight attendant write to all the airline companies, who knows maybe you'll get lucky

Where can you get a stewardess job?

These days the position is called "Flight Attendant". You can apply to get a stewardess/Flight Attendant job at any airline. Be professional in your appearance and be prompt to the interview.

What airline has some available airline attendant jobs?

Southwest and Hawaiian airlines currently have open positions for airline attendants. also allows searchers to look by area to find job openings.

What do you want to work for our airline?

I would want to work as a flight attendant (called a stewardess in my day!)

How can I be a flight attendant?

To become a flight attendant, one would just need to apply to an airline. Having a passport is a must for a flight attendant and having some sort of degree is recommended but not a requirement. A background in customer service can make up for not having a strong educational background. Each airline will have different requirements for their flight attendants.

How long is flight attendant school?

It all depends on the airline, it is usually between 3 and 8 weeks.

A filipina flight attendant for Singapore airline?

no, they don't hire Filipinas for cabin crew as far as i know

What actors and actresses appeared in Airline Safety Film 4A - 1991?

The cast of Airline Safety Film 4A - 1991 includes: Leslie McMillen as Flight Attendant

What is the maximun age of a flight attendant?

It depends on the airline, some may even reach until 50 years of age, but typically the younger you join the airline industry the more you will get opportunities in the airline, maybe as a flight purser for promotion.