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No unemployment for students (at least in Michigan) If I said no unemployment for full time students, that should cover all states.

As far as disability, yes, you can get disability if you have short term disability insurance. Since this is just for knee surgery, no point in saying how you could get long term disability as you will be fine before that becomes a issue.

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Q: If you are a college student can you get money while not being able to work?
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How can you get money to support yourself while going to college?

Student Loans are money that is given to you Specifically for college students. of course you have to pay it back but it helps allot in the long run.

Does Progressive Insurance provide discounts if you are a college student?

While it does not appear you can get discounts simply for being a student, Progressive does offer discounts for being a GOOD student. If you get good grades, and have a good driving record, you may be eligible for a discount.

What is the average yearly salary for a college student?

There technically is no average yearly salary for a college student because a student is generally not paid to attend college. The student might obtain a job while in college and could make 20,000 dollars or more per year.

Can you use student loans for rent?

Yes, student loans are for expenses while in college. Rent, room and board and transportation expenses are part of the expense of going to college.

What are some ways a college student can save money?

College students can save money by using local coupons and buying textbooks online at discounts. There are many cost saving techniques. Purchasing text books from online vendors is the easiest option. This site can elaborate on further possibilities to save money while in school: this can help you in your quest for financial well being!

Do college help you find a job while you are attending college?

Some colleges and universities offer job placement services for those students about to graduate. While in school, there is always the possibility of being a work study student. Typically, you can work 20 hours per week while school is in session.

Can a College student become an EMT while attending college for Pre-Med courses Or do you need to complete an EMT program before going to College?


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Many college students are in debt due to student loans. Student loans are specifically provided to pay for ones education. Most college students find it hard to work while in school as well.

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You're a Uni student mate, you figure it out.

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There are several sites that cater to wide varieties of chat users, including college students. Omegle, while not being directly college student based, is a good place to meet college students. Chat-Avenue is also a good site, as it has a specific area for college chat.

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Many high-school students take college courses. But being a full-time college student with no high-school diploma most likely is not allowed by many colleges, if any.

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