If you are a girl in 8th grade and weigh 110 pounds how do you lose stomach fat without dieting?

No. There is not. At your age you shouldn't even think about dieting, its dangerous at such a young age. Let me make something perfectly clear. There is no such thing as a quick fix to weight loss and even if you do manage to lose weight quickly, you will find it very hard to keep it off. Secondly weight shouldn't matter. Muscle is three times more heavy than fat and bones come in different densities. Thirdly very few people in this life are actually capable of getting a flat stomach. They are freaks that need to be fed more pie and cake. Instead concentrate on exercise and getting fit whilst eating properly. you will lose excess weight slowly and naturally leading a healthy lifestyle and this way the weight is more likely to stay off. Just between you and me I was the fat kid in school and I was very popular. Beauty really does lie beneath. Not only that but when boys were interested in me, they were the nice honest ones, some were hotter than others but they never cheated or lied.