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They can include it, but the creditor/landholder can file a relief of stay to have the debt excluded from being discharged in the bankruptcy. The decision of what debts are to be discharged are determined by state and/or federal law and the bankruptcy judge.

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Q: If you are a landholder on a home and the person files bankruptcy will they be able to include the debt they owe you into the bankruptcy?
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Are you resposible for a loan if the person you cosign for files bankruptcy?

Of course.

What questions are asked when a person files for bankruptcy?

How will this affect my credit score? How much does it cost? What can I declare in the bankruptcy? How long will it take?

What happens if car dealership files bankruptcy how do you pay for vehicle?

If a car dealership files for bankruptcy, someone will purchase the accounts receivable as part of the bankruptcy settlement. That person or company should contact you and tell you where to make payments.

In a joint account if one person files bankruptcy is the other liable?


How does Chapter 13 Bankruptcy help a person?

Chapter 13 bankruptcy can help a person by saving them from legal actions from debt collectors. When a person files bankruptcy, all debt collections and lawsuits are stopped so a person can keep their assets like homes or cars.

When a person files bankruptcy in October and then wins money in a lottery are they required to report the winnings to the bankruptcy court?

You would only need to report the winning ticket if the bankruptcy was not discharged.

If you sue and get a judgment and then the other person files bankruptcy to keep from paying you will you be notified so you can object to it's inclusion in Bankruptcy court?

You should be.

A person has a judgment but files for bankruptcy can bankruptcy void the judgment of an earlier date in WA state?

Bankruptcy does not void the judgment. It simply makes it noncollectable because it was discharged in the bankruptcy like any other debt.

Can you keep your chequing account If you go bankkrupt?

Yes, if the bank holding the account allows it. When a person files for bankruptcy, depending on the type of bankruptcy you filed.

If a vehicle was voluntarily surrendered and sold can collection on the difference be stopped with bankruptcy?

With new bankruptcy laws that is no longer possible. If the person files for bankruptcy and includes the vehicle they will have to pay the entire amount of the loan.

What if happens if you cosigned for car loan and the borrower files for bankruptcy?

if the consigner files bankruptcy can the borrower take the car

Can you co sign on a house after bankruptcy?

A person that files for bankruptcy will more than likely have their credit score decline. This will not make them a good candidate for being a cosigner.

If a pastor files for bankruptcy can the church fund be affected?

If the pastor files for personal bankruptcy, no - the church fund can't be touched. If he files bankruptcy ON BEHALF of the church, then any and all funds and assets of the church can be affected.

What happens if a co signer files bankruptcy?

They both go bankruptcy

How do you find if you are listed as a creditor in chapter 7 filling?

You will receive, directly from the bankruptcy court, a notice of filing and information on filing your claim with the court. If you believe a person has filed bankruptcy, and you know the person' s address, you can check with the clerk of the bankruptcy court. The bankruptcy court one files in is determined by the county within which the debtor resides.

Can a person in who files bankruptcy get out of paying a court awarded judgment in Arizona?

Yes. Not if the judgment was for a case involving fraud. And the state doesn't make any difference, unless there is a state bankruptcy procedure that you are using.

Can you lose your house if your husband files for bankruptcy?


If owner files bankruptcy does tenant have to move?

Of course not.

What protection does Chapter 11 Bankruptcy offer?

Chapter 11 is the bankruptcy code issued to a business who files for bankruptcy. This type of bankruptcy protects a business and will allow it to get running again. If a business fails and applies for chapter 7, they must sell everything and give the proceeds to creditors. A person on chapter 11 does not have to do this.

If your ex-wife files for bankruptcy can you go after her for not paying on a joint account?

Not if the debt is discharged in the bankruptcy.

If your car is repossessed and the person who cosigned for you files bankruptcy are you still liable for the repossession?

Yes. If you default on your car loan you will remain liable for the debt.

What happens to spousal maintainance and child support if the person files for bankruptcy?

Spousal support and child support debts cannot be discharged in a bankruptcy, so the ex spouse must continue to keep making the payments. Failure to do so can lead to a dismissal of the bankruptcy case.

What is a Do It Yourself Bankruptcy?

Do it yourself bankruptcy is when one files for bankruptcy themselves. There are many sites offering advice on this subject and books are available to buy from the internet.

Can you file for bankruptcy after divorce and include the joing mortgage?

Filing for bankruptcy after a divorce when there are a lot of joint obligations can complicate things but it is not uncommon. When a person files for bankruptcy they can only file for their debt obligations and so the court may not allow you to do it for a joint mortgage if that would be unfair to your exspouse or they cannot separate the debts. This is something to think about and I would recommend you contact an attorney to determine what debts can be discharged and what debts cannot.

Does a bankruptcy show up on your background check?

Every person who files a bankruptcy case is concerned about who will find out about it. It is true that all bankruptcy filings are a matter of public record, but this does not mean it is easy for others to learn about your case. The two main ways another person can learn about your filing is to either go to the bankruptcy courthouse where you filed and conduct a search, or have the required credentials to obtain a PACER account. (govpublicaccess)