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If you are a secondary card holder yet you have been the only user of that credit card does it mean you still have no credit history?


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If you are on the account your are building a credit history, hopefully a good one.

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No. The secondary cardholder's credit history has nothing to do with the primary cardholder's. The reason for this is even if there are two cards, there is still only one account for both cards which the primary cardholder is responsible. Jags

It still helps your credit and will make you more likely to be approved by those same companies for your own credit card.

They can still come after the cosigner, and it will still reflect poorly on your cosigner's credit history. You have been absolved of the debt, not your cosigner.

If you have a bad credit history, you can still avail of credit card applications. It depends on the company. Sometimes, you have to fix your credit card history before you can apply for a new one.

Probably not because the credit would still be in your name. The guardian would only be able to use the card, but wouldn't be responsible for the charges. The only way to build credit is if the CREDIT, ie the responsibility is in their name.AnswerIf you are referring to being an authorized user of an account, it would not help you to establish a personal credit history. If you mean becoming a joint account holder with the other person then you would be able to establish your own credit history. Keep in mind, as a joint account holder you could be responsible for the entire debt if the other person does not pay their share,(and vice-versa).

There are available credit card companies that offer a chance for people to have credit cards even though they don't have a credit card history. Even people who have a bad credit card history can still be a candidate for the application. Though it will be harder for one to get his/her application granted.

If you are a joint account holder you can still use the card. The creditor should be notified of the death of the other account holder. They may simply remove the person from the account or require you to open a new account in your name. However, if you are the joint holder you are responsible for the entire amount owed on the account.

Yes, your payment history will still be a part of your credit report as well as the Chapter 7.

Even if you have bad credit, you can still often find an easy credit card to qualify for. Depending on whether you have a poor credit history, or just no credit.

It depend on the individual credit card companies if they report on your credit history or not, like some department store credit cards may not show on a credit report

Absolutely. Anyone can APPLY anytime they want. If you've had credit in the past, someone's tracked your financial behavior. It's out there - following you.

i repo in six states and as far as i know it will stay on your credit report until you settle your debt to the lien holder

Your credit history is simply the period of time you have had open lines of credit. Say you had five credit cards and you kept them each for exactly one year and then closed each of them. You would have five credit years of history but most scoring systems would see that as one year of credit history. If you had one credit card account for one year and another for the subsequent year and so on for five years, you would also have five years of credit history, but, again, scoring systems would still see that as (more or less) one year of credit history. Now, if you had one credit card for five years, then the scoring systems would definitely see that as five yeas of credit history. So, creditors and scoring systems look at how long you have maintained each line of credit and the longer the better.

If the BK filer is allowed to discharge the debt a joint account holder who is not a party to the bankruptcy becomes solely responsible for the entire amount. Cancelling or closing the account will not change the fact that the person will still owe the debt and it will eliminate the possibility of said person to negotiate terms with the lender if it becomes necessary. If the joint account holder continues to meet the required terms of the account agreement his or her credit score will not be negatively affected.

NO... the debt remains on file with the creditor. If you apply for credit at a later date (after the bankruptcy has been resolved) - your history will still be available to anyone who does a credit search on your name. Creditors can still come after you for their money if you re-start a credit account.

You can get a credit card starting out with a small limit. If that still doesn't work look at getting a pre paid credit card to build credit. Bill payments on utilities are a great way to build credit.

Certainly, if a credit card had two authorized users but one of them has died, then there is still one authorized user. The account is still open.

The credit card company has no obligation to reimburse or dismiss charges on the account unless indentity fraud is involved. A case where the card or card info was stolen and used without the knowledge of the holder. If the card holder knew the card was used fraudlently and did not report it in a timely manner, the company is still not legally obligated.

it usually depends on your interest , but i score well in geo and still take his although i m still thinking between them

There are different ways that you can still get a student loan even if you have a bad credit history. These include getting a co-signer for the loan or you could contact banks and lenders and explain your situation to them.

No minors are not able to get credit for a number of reasons. One work experience, Two,still in school,and they need to build a work history. The parents are still responsible for them till there of legal age.

Although having a good credit history is better when applying for a mortgage it is possible to still get a mortgage with a bad credit history. When getting a mortgage with a bad credit history, one will have to pay a higher interest rate. Show the mortgage lender that you have a good job that will cover your mortgage. If you eliminate all other debt it looks better to the lender and gives one a better chance at getting approved.

Even with an adverse credit history, one may still be able to obtain loans through various lending associations. Some of these companies include Easy Financial or Fast Access.

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