If you are a source of negative supply to a narcissist can you become a source of supply and admiration again?

To another person, yes. To the same narcissist, no. Once they devalue you, you're done. Thank God. Literally. They can keep coming back or contacting you but things will never be "great" again. Once things turn negative, they are done pretending to be the great person they pretended to be in the first place. Its not easy but don't contact them. Avoid all contact with them. It will be the best decision you've ever made. ~ T I think it's a very real possibility, based on my experience with my ex-husband. He has returned to me (including once remarrying me) a total of 3 times over the last 11 years, not counting all the little walk-outs and fights after which he returned. We are now divorced for the 2nd time, and he just recently emailed me fishing around for attention. I heard that he is having trouble with his girlfriend. Now that I'm finally clear that he's a narcissist, I didn't respond to the email and I won't be giving him any attention. That will stop it from happening again. Usually a narcissist who is fishing will have some super important reason you need to contact them. They need to get an address, or they left something at your house...blah blah blah. Odds are whatever it is either isn't that important, or it's a lie. Think very carefully before you respond to ANYTHING. Assume it's a trick, because it almost certainly is.