If you are a stepmom who lives with a 17-year-old who has called you terrible names and has absolutely no respect and has vandalized your car can you remove him from your house?

Could you please give us a little more information under this post. Are you living with his father and why isn't the father more involved with his son (could be part of the problem)? You could also put a video camera (hidden) to watch your car and catch him in the act of vandalizing your car, then call the police. Perhaps a day in juvenile will cool off his heels. More information would allow us to give you more options. Hope to hear from you soon. Answer I don't need to tell you that you are caught between a rock and a hard place with this one. I can say that the father should be managing the relationship between you and his son by preventing the behavior. My stepson is not particularly respectful of our belongings and his father defends him to hell and back. However, he does not show any violence in his behavior such as yelling or vandalizing my stuff, so it is more annoying than anything.

Since you are the stepmom, you should consider stepping away from the situation and leave him to his primary parent if you cannot get full support for a change. I fear that the situation may tip into physical violence and that you may need to back away from both men until the son is out on his own. Without the father's full support and action, you are in an unwinnable situation.