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Usually young women can start their periods from 10 to 12 years old and you are a virgin usually. Seems to me you are actually having a period. Brown blood (discharge) usually means "old blood" that can stay in the female tubes due to stress, exercising too much, etc. When the muscles relax then the "old blood" will flow.

I would suggest you see your family doctor to be sure you are OK in this area.


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Should I use a panty liner for discharge even if I havent had my period yet?

Yes because it keeps the discharge out of your underwear

How do I know I'm getting my period?

You should ussally get some white discharge, when u get it for the first time it should just be little dots of blood or some brown discharge... i hope i could help kthanks byee:] When yur period is coming you should smell some wierd smell when you look at your under wear you should see a wierd white discharge affter a while you should see your monthly visitor!! u

When does the redemption period begin?

Your period should come monthly.

What could it mean cramping and brown discharge after period?

cramps after a period are a regular thing. But having brown discharge?? You should probaly go see a doctor about it.

When do you know your period coming?

Because you will get discharge and when you get for a couple f days then your period should come anytime.

How long after discharge do you get your period?

It should be 28 days, but it could be more or less

Is it normal to have bloody discharge 2 weeks after your period?

No, it is not normal, and should be checked out with a doctor.

Is discharge normal after your period?

Yes as long as the discharge does not smell bad or worse than your period and should only last a couple of days. If longer than two days go to the doctor.

Havent had a period for 2 months but not pregnant should you keep taking pill?

If you want to avoid pregnancy, you should keep taking the pill.

Should your boyfriend know about your monthly period cycle?

Sure he should know. He needs to learn about it and how you feel because of it.

What changes should I look for in vaginal discharge when ovulating?

Right before your fertile period you should start getting a sort of creamy white discharge, sometimes very wet. On the few days you are to ovulate the discharge should become very wet and slippery, like eggwhite.

If you were 14 and you have not started your period should you be worry?

nope, i have but i know theres people in my year who havent, im nearly 14

Should you be worried if you had brown discharge after regular period that was on time?

Brown discharge after a normal period is normal for many women. Brown discharge is simply old blood. However, if the discharge lasts for more than seven to 10 days, it may help to seek the advice of a gynecologist as prolonged discharge may be a sign of stress, perimenopause or in rare cases, pregnancy.

What should you do if you just finished your birth control pill pack and havent had a period?

Do a pregnancy test. If you missed pill or took too many this can also delay your period.

Is a brownish discharge after sex the week you are expecting your period a sign of your period or pregnancy?

This is a very difficult question because brownish discharge is associated with both pregnancy and normal periods. If a full menstrual flow has not followed the discharge, you should do a pregnancy test immediately. It will be nearly 100% accurate once you have past the date you expected your period.

Brown discharge and late period?

my tubes are tied..im like 5 days late for my period...I have been having a brownish discharge for about two weeks now,along with getting dizzy at times,i have had no pain...what should I do?

You have brown discharge at the end of your last period what does it mean?

If you have a brown discharge at the end of your period, this typically is just dried/left over blood. It should stop within a few short days after your period. Which is why it's good to wear something like pantiliners, even when you're done with your period.

Your period is irregular what does this mean?

This could be a lot of things, if you havent long had your first ever period then this is normal, it could also be a sign of a period, low iron etc, if you are worried you should see a doctor

Is spotting brownish pink discharge a norm a week before your monthly is due or could you have early signs of pregnancy?

This is a difficult thing to be certain of since many signs or early prenancy are symptoms you can have before your period. A brown discharge is very normal before your period but pink may be implantation bleeding (a sign of early pregnancy). Of course this is very rare. The best thing to do is wait and see if you get your peroid. I had the same problem but it turned out I just had a bad yeast infection. If if the pink discharge doesn't go away with a couple days after your period then you should see a doctor.

Is It Normal that Lots of Discharge During My Period?

Yes, one does get discharge along with blood during a menstrual cycle but if it is excessive and also has a fowl smell you should consult a doctor.

What should you do if you got your period on the 22nd and you got your birth control shot on the 26th but you still haven't stopped your period?

i was on my period when i got my shot and it lasted for over 14 days. After it ended i havent had another period for over a year now.

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