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Yes if it comes inside your vagina.

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Yes, it's possibleIt is still possible for you to be pregnant. It doesn't matter if you are a virgin. You can get pregnant the first time you have sex. If he was inside you, you are no longer a virgin. And you can get pregnant from precum. Always use protection if he is going to be inside you. you.

Depends on how you became pregnant. It it was a result of sexual intercourse then no - you are not a virgin. If male sperm got inside you some other way then you could still be a virgin.

Virgin or not, you cannot get pregnant unless it goes inside where your egg is.

It is possible, but unlikely to get pregnant from sperm on your vagina.

only if it leaks inside, and it doesn't matter if its a virgin or not

A virgin can get pregnant just as easily as someone who has has sex before. And yes, there is a chance of getting pregnant from precome.

Depends how you regard 'virginity'. Technically it might be possible, but extremely unlikely.

Yes, it doesn't matter how the sperm get inside the vagina. If it's in it can get you pregnant.

You cannot be a pregnant virgin

Actually if you are religious it is possible because virgin Mary had a baby without haveing sex.

Partially virgin?Either you have had sex or you have not; there is no "partially" about it.If you have had sexual intercourse then a pregnancy is possible; if you have not had sex there is no possibility of pregnancy.

If you are a virgin then you cannot be pregnant

The definition of a virgin is one who has never had sexual intercourse. Yes it is possible to become pregnant without sexual intercourse. so yes you can still be a virgin even after having a baby, depending on weather or not you have ever had sexual intercourse.

It is entirely possible that pregnancy could occur if she is fertile. This is no different whether the woman is a virgin or not.

Not necessarily, though it is possible. It has nothing to do with whether or not you are a virgin as to if you get pregnant or not. Pregnancy is determinant upon if you are ovulating or not when you have intercourse.

It's still possible to get pregnant if you are not a virgin or either have unprotected sex.

No. A man does not have to be inside for a woman to get pregnant. There is such thing as a pregnant virgin. If a man ejaculates on a woman, there is a chance that the sperm will travel (even through clothes) and end up in the woman's vagina and fertilizing an egg, causing the woman to get pregnant.

If you use artificial insemination to get pregnant you can still be a virgin.

An angel did not make Mary pregnant. It was the Holy Spirit - God.

Yes. Pre-ejaculate does contain some sperm, and one sperm cell is enough to get you pregnant if it makes it to your egg. Yes. Precome contains nutrients and seminal fluids for moving sperm, as well as sperm itself. So it is possible to get pregnant from precome. However, it is impossible to be a virgin and get precome in you unless the penis is wiped on the vagina. The mere act of penetration constitutes losing your virginity.

For someone to get pregnant the sperm has to come inside so if that didn't happen, no you can not be pregnant. The hymen does not protect you from getting sperm in though since you can still be a virgin if he had fingers inside of you and they had sperm on them.

If you've had sperm inside of you, like on a finger, you could be pregnant but still a virgin since you've haven't had intercourse. Abortion works the same way whether you are virgin or not.

Yes, you may get pregnant if he puts his penis inside the vagina and ejaculates (without using a condom) during the fertility period.

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