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If you are about 4 days post ovulation could slight cramping and breast tenderness be the first signs of pregnancy?


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2015-07-16 19:23:55
2015-07-16 19:23:55

Yes, but they could also be signs of pregnancy. It seems a bit too early to tell if you are pregnant, to me.

It could be, but I don't suggest you take a test until you've missed your period. It doesn't seem like you would have enough hcg for a test to detect at this time.

It could be. I am now 6 weeks pregnant. I started experiencing light cramping.(almost like twinges or pulling in my lower abdomen.) 1 week before my expected period. I was also having more frequent headaches and was very tired. So, it is possible.


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Some women may have breast tenderness with ovulation after stopping NuvaRing. It's just a matter of your body going back to its regular cycle. Breast tenderness can also be a sign of pregnancy, so take a pregnancy test if you miss your period.

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Fatigue, nausea, vomiting, dizzy spells, breast tenderness, headaches and cramping can all be signs of an early pregnancy.

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Many women experience breast tenderness and cramping on their menstrual cycle, but if the pain is strong then you may be pregnant.

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Yes, They do. For example tenderness in breast is reduced, sign that you had a miscarriage as well as heavy bleeding n cramping.

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There are a few different things that breast tenderness can be a sign on. Every month females can experience breast tenderness during their period. However, breast tenderness can also be a sign of pregnancy.

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