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no you are over sixteen you have the right to do what you want if i were you id keep it just shag up again

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Q: If you are about to be 17-years-old and are pregnant by a 19-year-old can your parents make you give up the baby or keep you away from the father so you and your baby will never see him again?
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Can a girl move out her parents house at 16 if she is pregnant?

a pregnant 16 year old can move out of her parents home if she is legal to give consent and live with her baby's father.

Are there legal consequences for a pregnant teen for the father?

it really depend on the age. If the pregnant teen is under 18 then the father can be put in jail for stat rape if the parents of the girl choose to.

What do parents of a teenage say when they get pregnant?

Usually, the parents will ask questions like "HOW DID THIS HAPPEN!?!?" "WHO GOT YOU PREGNANT!?" sometimes the mother breaks down crying and the father leaves the room.

If you are 16 and pregnant and want to let the father hold the kid under his famill roof does the parents of the pregnant teen hav any say?


At 14 if im pregnant do you tell the father of the baby first?

yes, u tell him first then your parents ,but sort something out with the father first

Who are abortions effecting?

The embryo, pregnant woman and the father. In some cases if they tell their parents they can have feelings for it too.

How to tell your parents you might be pregnant?

Why tell them you might be pregnant instead of taking the test first? Then you sit them down and tell them straight out that you are other pregnant. You can also tell your mom first when you are alone if that is easier. The father should also tell his parents.

Can a pregnant 15 year old marry the father of her child if he is 18?

With parents permission. Having a baby at 15 doesn't make you an adult. You are a minor that is pregnant.

Can you move in with your boyfriend when your 16 and pregnant?

Well, Yes you can if you need help with the baby and want the father to be by your side but only if the parents of your boyfriend and your parents say its ok.

If your pregnant at 15 can your parents restrain the babies father from seeing you?

Your parents do have some legal right to keep the father away from the baby because of your age but they must have some kind of proff proving that this is in the best intrest of the child.

What to do when parents of unwed pregnant daughter deny the teen father?

Now there are many ways to prove the child is the teen father a sperm test or a D.N.A test will do it to convince them.

If your 17 and pregnant and live with the babys father is that illegal?

As long as your parents say it is okay, it is legal. Otherwise you need to wait until you are 18 to move out of your parents' house.

Can a 16 year old pregnant girl move in with her child's father even if her parents don't allow her to?

No. Pregnancy does not emancipate you.

Can a pregnant 16-year-old legally move in with the father of the child?

If her parents object, then no. If her parents don't object, the law doesn't normally much care.

In the state of Wisconsin can a pregnant 16 year old legally move out of there parents house and in with the baby's father whom is 18 Without parents consent?

legally the law is you can move out at 16 withg your parents consent

In California can a pregnant minor leave her parents home and live with the father without her parents aproval?

No. Being pregnant/having a child does not emancipate a minor, so you are still subject to your parents rules and authority. And by the way, the age of sexual consent in CA is 18, so it was illegal for anyone to have sex with you.

How did your parents act when they found out you were pregnant at young age?

My mother cried, my father got angry - then they got over it and were very supportive.

In Montana can a pregnant 15-year-old move in with the baby's father and his parents with out the teen mother's say?

No, they cannot.

In the 20th century were children still classified as bastard children if the parents were married then the father left the mother after the mother became pregnant?


Can a 17 year old girl who is pregnant get married to the father of her baby without her parents' permission in Oklahoma?

Yes, yes they can

Can a 15 year pregnant girl live with the baby's father in South Carolina?

No, unless emancipated from her parents. Parents permission is not enough, as the law states you are a minor and under your parents care. Emancipation requires a court order from a judge and, frankly, one will not emancipate you just because you're pregnant. There are many factors that go into that decision and the fact that you are pregnant guarantees that you still need to be under the care of your parents.

Who is the father of Sandy's baby in the outsiders?

The father is never specified, but it is NOT Soda's. Sandy cheated on him, and she was sent to live with her Grandparents because her parents were disappointed in their teenage daughter being pregnant. Although Soda said he would marry her, her parents wouldn't let her.

If you are 16 and pregnant can you move in with the father with your parents' permission?

Yes you can i have done the same thing as long as your parents appropve. Honestly they dont even have to approve if you live where i live in Nc.

Can a 17-year-old move out of her parents house if she is pregnant?

Your age is the determining factor--not that you are pregnant. Your parents will have the responsibility for you until you are of age. In addition, if the father of your child is older than you, he can be charged with rape. The better choice would be to bide your time until you are 18 and move out--you will not need to be pregnant to do so.

I heard Lady Gaga is pregnant. Who is the father?

yes she is pregnant but the father is not yet know