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ing your question depends alot on the state laws in your community. There are very few states that don't have an issue with minors under the age of 16 having sex and getting pregnant. Some state laws might look at the age difference or consider a sexual act with a minor as criminal. The seriousness of the possible criminal charges against the older boy will depend on each state's laws. Guardians have the ultimate responsibility to protect the children in their custody. If they do not report a criminal act involving a minor child in their custody, they could be criminally charged and arrested with neglecting that minor. I suggest that you and/or the child's father contact an attorney or some other legal entity to find out what the law is in your state. Good Luck

2015-07-16 19:25:44
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If you are 16 almost 17 and your boyfriend is 18 almost 19 can your parents say anything about it?

Depends on the state, but in most cases the answer is an emphatic "YES, THEY CAN." Unless you are emancipated, your parents have legal custody over you and can legal bar your boyfriend from seeing you.

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Absolutely. And the 20 year old is committing a serious crime in almost every country.

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If a 17-year-old is pregnant and almost turning 18 can her boyfriend get in trouble with the law if he is over 21 in the state of Illinois?

The age of consent in Illinois is 17. As long as her boyfriend is not her teacher or a school official, he's okay.

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You are 15 almost 16 and pregnant your boyfriend is 18 almost 19 Could he go to jail cause your 15 in the state of Washington?

age of consent in Washington is 16. though he can still get in trouble if they can prove you two had sex while you were 15 years old.. which won't be hard to do since you're pregnant. so, yes.

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Sixteen pregnant boyfriend is nineteen what is the law if your parents knew for 2 years and press charges?

{| |- | The parents could be in trouble as well as the boyfriend. They cannot consent to breaking the law. In almost all states and countries, the legal age of consent is 16. Getting someone younger pregnant is going to be considered a crime, perhaps even statutory rape. |}

How could your boyfriend get in trouble if he is not 18 until 09 but im pregnant he was not 18 when you get pregnant he is only 17?

Children get arrested all the time. Being a child is not a defense to a criminal act, and 17 year olds will almost always be sent to an adult court.

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