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I wish I could answer it. :( I'm 18 too, and I'm kinda struggling with the same problem. Either way, I think being responsible and being mature is the best way out. Just keep good relationships with them. DoNOT argue with them. I know its hard, but you can punch a pillow later on, and scream. Take loads of initiatives and complete every task you've taken on yourself. It's retarded, I know. :(

But try it out for like three weeks, and do well in all your tests. Ooh, one tip I would suggest (this is for only when you're super exhausted with studying) would be just to act like you're studying any time they're around. :P The moment they walk into the room, act like you were getting your textbook, or just keep staring at the textbook until they go away. :P They tend to think you're super studying! Hehe, I'm no smartass but I'd like to think I am.

Hope this helps! :)

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What is the opposite of curfew?

careless parents

Can you put 'curfew' into a meaningful sentence?

Jimmy's parents imposed a curfew on him so they knew he would be home safe at night.

How do I convince my mom of a curfew?

I would tell my mom that, she can't say I'm not ready for something without letting me try it and see if I'm prepared for the new curfew.

What do teens think about teen curfew?

Obviously teens don't like curfew. But i think ( I'm a teen) that 930 to 1030 is a reasonable curfew for parents and teens...

What is the curfew for a teenager?

This depends on three things: the age of the teenager, where you live, and the parents' overall decision. A curfew for a 17 year old may differ from a 16 year old, and both town and state may have different curfew restrictions. Finally, the parents should make the final call on the curfew.

What are the penalties for curfew voilations in cozad nebraska?

The wrath of your parents!

How do you avoid getting grounded?

Be punctual to your curfew and be obedient to your parents!

What does Barack Obama say the curfew should be?

barack obama does not want a curfew. He was telling business leaders that there must be rules for businesses, a bit like parents giving their kids a curfew

How can a police officer enforce curfew laws if parents don't care?

I don't know. Maybe he can fine the parent or child. Maybe he could hold the child in jail overnight to scare him. Maybe he can have a meeting with the parents and convince them to care, then get them to enforce the law themselves. Can you answer this question better?

When you break your curfew and your parents take away your car privileges in order to stop you from braking curfew in the future they are attempting...?

Negative Punishment

How do curfew benefit parents?

Parents don't have to stress about taking care of children and they benefit by getting a better sleep.

Can you give me a sentence with the word wrath in it?

My parents' wrath is not worth missing my curfew.

Name something that your parents had strict rules about but parents today often do not?

curfew/bedtime dating tv chores swearing

What is a sentence using the word strictly?

The girl's parents gave her a curfew and strictlyenforced it.

At age 16 can you leave your house without parents consent as long as you are back before curfew?

No, parents have full responsibility of you until you are 18 regardless of curfew. If you leave your house without a parents consent they can call the police to come get you. The only way you can leave the house without your parents consent is if you were to get emancipated, which in simple terms is the same thing as if you were to turn eighteen.

What is the punishment for violating curfew in Phoenix Arizona?

If you are under 18 and you are caught breaking curfew.....not only do you get in trouble with the cops...but your parents get cited with a certain amount of fee that they pay. And in some cases, they can even get arrested just because of you breaking curfew. It also depends in what city and state you're in..... So DONT break curfew!!!! =D

What is Driving curfew laws in barrington Illinois?

BarringtonDoes The Town have curfews for our teenagers? This question has been asked several times in the past and the answer is no. To unify a curfew system among parents, it is recommended that a simple time limit be considered that is set by their grade level.If your teen is in the...9th Grade the curfew is 9:00 PM10th Grade the curfew is 10:00 PM11th Grade the curfew is 11:00 PM12th Grade the curfew is 12:00 Midnight

What is a 10 year old curfew?

It is what ever a parent says it is. Responsible parents implement appropriate curfews.

What time is curfew on summer weeknights for teenagers?

depends on the parents & kid! between 9 and 1 am probably.

What is the curfew for a 17 year old in Will county during the summer?

go ask your parents and if you have a police officer.

Can juveniles be in their own yard after curfew?

In general, so long as a juvenile is on the privately owned property of his legal guardian(s), who are usually the juvenile's parents, then the juvenile is considered to be "at home" and not in violation of curfew laws.

What is curfew for 14year olds without parents with them and how late can they be out at night?

as long as they want it depends if they live in a fostor home they cant if they have fostre parents not veary long

What is the word family for curfew?


What is a reasonable curfew for a 15 year old?

A reasonable curfew for a 15 year old is about 10 PM on weekdays and 11 PM on weekends. Many parents do not allow 15 year olds to stay out after midnight.

Why should the redwood city curfew stay the same?

So that their parents don't get angry when they aren't home on time.